Iconic supermodel, prolific musician, and devoted mother of two, Karen Elson has had her finger on the pulse of what’s what from the start of her career at the impressive age of 16. With a signature style that has inspired the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Pat McGrath, we (of course) wanted the inside scoop on her go-to resources. Since making Nashville her home base in 2015, she has cultivated a comprehensive guidebook to her favorite places locally and beyond.  TNE shares an exclusive glimpse into the world of all things, Miss Karen Elson.


Generally speaking, are you more of an early bird or night owl?

Early Bird!  I LOVE to wake up early, when it’s still peaceful outside, and still quiet inside.


On that note, do you have a breakfast favorite?

Tea and toast- very British, I know!


Local coffee spot?

Frothy Monkey. While I am a tea drinker (being British), I love to take my coffee-loving teenage daughter to cool spots.


Your go-to snack on the run?

Dried Mangos, they are so GOOD!


When it comes to entertaining these days, what is your 101?

My signature go-to dish is Lobster Spaghetti- Always a winner and a no-brainer at that!

My playlist on repeat while getting ready is a little Bill Withers, moving into some Fleetwood Mac, and finally some Brit Pop.


Where do you shop for immediate retail satisfaction?

H. Audrey for all things wardrobe-related- who doesn’t love?!

White’s Mercantile for home – my wants become needs at this charming boutique.


Your favorite designers of the moment are…?

I’m really loving Proenza Schouler and Nellie Partow right now.

For jewelry, I love Arrow and Anchor Antiques, which is online.  My friend Brooke Baxter, the owner and woman behind, is amazing, and incredibly talented!


Speaking of jewelry, do you have a signature piece that you wear?

I’ve got a beautiful sapphire that a dear friend’s mother gave to me when he passed away.  It is deeply treasured and highly sentimental to me.


We would love to hear your hotlist on facials, treatments, and other spa services here in Nashville, please!


And these days (especially), do let us in on your wellness spots if you would!

Lemon Laine in East Nashville- It’s my one-stop-shop for all of my “green” health and beauty products.


And then there’s your hair!  And your skin!  And your favorite cosmetics…

  • My haircare guru is Marwa Bashir- such a godsend.  Also, the lovely ladies at Parlor and Juke are wonderful.
  • I lean on the low-key side of skincare, so Shiseido is my No. 1- So good and so high-tech.  I also love Vintner’s Daughter for their facial oil, and the Augustinus Bader line.
  • I don’t wear a ton of makeup but again, I will say Shiseido- can’t beat Japanese craftsmanship.  I also love Pat McGrath, Chanel, and Sisley.


Of course, now, we want to know about your nail color…

Chanel Rouge Noir.  It’s my go-to color.


Now onto fitness regimen…which ones are your faves?

Marathon Pilates, and Orange Theory in Brentwood- specifically Coach Bird’s classes.


Your best spots for date night?

City House, Folk, or Rolf and Daughters.


Can’t leave out girls’ night or a fun cocktail stop…

Miss Kelli’s (Karaoke Bar), always and forever.



And more about your Nashville, please…What is your idea of the perfect ‘day off’?

I would start with a Hike at Radnor Lake, then go straight to lunch at Café Roze, finishing up the day with dinner on my back porch with friends, and with a fire burning.


Your go-to places with the kids?

Pedro Silva’s rainbow mosaic Sea Serpent, at Fannie Mae Dees Park is a must!  We also love to roam the 55-acre Cheek­wood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art.  SO easy to spend the day here!


Any unexpected hidden treasures you’ve found in Nashville?

My home, I LOVE it!!!  And all of the gorgeous lakes in Tennessee, in and outside of Nashville.  I love Tims Ford and Center Hill lakes, to name but two.


What’s the biggest change you’ve noticed since moving to Nashville?
A lot of very questionable looking new homes, great restaurants, more diversity, and culture- which is an amazing thing and very much needed.


Why Nashville?

In Nashville, you can check out incredibly, devastatingly beautiful music; and then you can watch a great film at The Belcourt Theatre; you can drive across town to The Stone Fox and watch your friends play, or be anonymous and watch [a show] at The Station Inn.


What is your best career advice?

Have faith in yourself; don’t listen to naysayers; don’t limit your aspirations.