It’s that dreadful time of year—that time where you start re-thinking the sleeve of Oreo cookies you consumed while binging Bridgerton last night. Spring is when we desperately seek a change…of lifestyle, from staying warm and covered up on the couch with comfort food and a slew of other things. Our skin could probably use some color from a little dose of sunshine. We could definitely use a long walk outside or a good yoga sweat session (or a lot of both). But honestly, right now, I’m just looking to buy a swimsuit that will actually cover my butt.

Every ad promoting suits circling up to my fingertips via iPhone is heavy on images of flawless twenty-year-olds airbrushed more than a Victoria Secret model on Angel runway day. It’s not real life. None of the ads are, and as adults, we should know that. We’re fed some sort of formula that works on most consumers (otherwise, why do it?). But I’m over here sitting in my robe thinking, how will I find an appropriate bathing suit to run around in with my five-year-old twins and nine-year-old daughter? I don’t shop at Fredericks of Hollywood. (Side note: I did shop there once for Halloween when I was in my twenties- don’t judge.) So, here’s the deal. It’s not really a dilemma unless we let it be one. I’ve rounded up a few ideas for you below, and I encourage you to order and try on plenty and return what you hate. My most crucial piece of advice, definitely only wear the bathing suit that you love. I repeat, love.



Let’s just commiserate for a minute. The overly bright ‘doctor’s office lighting’ in most dressing rooms isn’t kind. I know for me personally that if I’ve had a good week of exercising and eating well, and perhaps a spray tan, I feel pretty good in the dressing room. But who has time for all that? Instead of making a big deal about it, just be sure to go alone, pick several suits to try on, maybe have a glass of wine (pre-shop date with your bestie), and you’re likely to find one suit that not only covers your butt but makes you feel like the beauty that you are.

Another option is to avoid the fluorescent prison altogether and choose a bunch of styles to take home to try on (where you can control the dimmer switch). You can do this by visiting a local store with an approachable return policy or by ordering online.

No matter where you opt to try on, buying a suit is never an easy thing to do, really. Well, unless you wake up every day and say, ‘I’m amazing and I freaking love my body, let’s go bikini shopping,’ but that’s not me, or most of us. So, the moral of the story, don’t dread the process- that’ll make it worse. Go easy on yourself and love the skin you’re in. You will find the one and be frolicking in the pool in no time. And don’t forget you’re perfect with or without the perfect suit.


Hunza G swimsuit
Hunza G available at Everything But Water

Everything But Water inside The Mall at Green Hills is always fully-stocked with a catalog full of designer suit brands and an abundance of stylish cover-ups and hats. (Don’t forget your hats…skin damage is so 1989.) Online, Everything But Water also has a large variety of selection. Currently, I’m obsessing over the HUNZA G brand that is THE most flattering swimsuit I’ve tried on since having my twins. And good news, it covers my butt!

Head to the mall and step inside Dillard’s for an unbelievably generous selection of all types of suits. From toddler to great-grandmother worthy- they stock it all. The Green Hills location particularly houses upmarket designer collections in the women’s fashion department, and it is here that you can find ‘the one’ no matter what you are seeking.

Swim Riot Swimsuit
Swim Riot available at Crue


Several specialty stores in town carry swimwear and beach/pool fashion accessories this time of year. Athletic boutiques are an excellent place to look. On 12South, Crue offers well-cut, sport-inspired designer swim lines that provide coverage, stretch, and a range of cuts to suit any body type.

Nordstrom has many designer bathing suit brands and a flexible return policy for this sort of shopping experience. Plus, their selection for cover-ups is also top-notch. I am currently coveting a white cotton oversized cover-up that makes me feel breezy, like walking on the beach in the Bahamas.

Nordstrom cover-up
Available at Nordstrom

Amazon surprisingly has some inexpensive and flattering bathing suits. And again, a return policy I can stand by. Last year I searched  ‘one-piece bathing suit neon green’, and I found a ton of quality options. You can also seek specific designer sites such as this one that EDIT’s stylist, Courtney Kivela rates as a top choice here  and our other team member’s choices here. also has a lot of inventory on suits. If you like to search, you can have some fun here. A little patience is required for combing through and scrolling, as you will see a lot of the cheeky styles here in addition to those that work in real life- ha! But on the flip side, you’ll discover some flattering classic suits with fashion-forward updates. Ordering a few in multiple sizes and return what you don’t love is the safest bet.