With the weather finally getting warmer and many of us spending more time at home, the focus is on how to enhance and improve our outdoor spaces. Outdoor living spaces can provide a functional extension of a home and be an amazing space to entertain guests. If you are just looking for some new ideas, adding to your outdoor spaces, or are in need of a major overhaul, we have some fantastic ideas for you. The Nashville Edit asked four of Nashville’s most sought-after interior designers and builders to spill their tips and tricks for stunning, functional outdoor spaces.


Marie-Joe Bouffard

 JFY Designs & Grove Park Construction 


The rear terrace of this particular home has multiple spaces which provide different uses. Whether it’s lounging by the pool, cozying up by the outdoor fireplace, or planting herbs in the raised garden beds, they all have one thing in common -the view.  The view is the star of the show which brings these spaces together flawlessly.

Jessica Davis

of JL Designs


Our client wanted to create an outdoor oasis for their family, friends, and entertaining.  They wanted a simple, contemporary design that honored the mid-century design of the home. Collaborating with the client, we incorporated a saltwater pool, fire pit, dining area, 3 lounge areas, and a pool house with a bathroom and storage. The hard and soft scape architectural elements create balance and interest that mimics the outdoor space of a trendy hotel you may find.  For outdoor lounging and entertaining:

  • DO add florals to dining and accent tables
  • DO have an umbrella either incorporated into the dining table or on a stand that can easily be moved- this adds a soft texture for the eye and blocks sun or rain when needed.
  • DO update accent pillows and small seat cushions seasonally to change the look.  I love picking a new color palette each Season to keep the overall look fresh and interesting.
  • DON’T forget about landscaping!  The proper landscaping around any outdoor area is crucial- even potted plants and flowers of various colors and heights will soften the space accordingly.
  • DON’T forget the water!  If you don’t have space for a pool, a water element of any kind is a great addition to an outdoor space, especially in warmer climates.  A tabletop fountain tucked in a corner will provide soothing sounds and a fresh feel to any sunny space.
  • DON’T overdo the black.  Though black colors and finishes in furniture and textiles can add a great deal of depth, hide dirt, and boast a clean and edgy look that’s ideal for lots of spaces, remember how hot it will get when exposed to the sun; be careful where dark colors and finishes are introduced, or you’ll get burned.


Amhad Freeman

of Amhad Freeman Interiors


Our homes are havens, places that welcome and soothe us after a long day. Even if your outdoor pursuits are more active, that feeling of calm and relaxation should definitely flow into your home’s outdoor spaces. Make sure you include seating that allows you to sink in and relax — even if that means two comfortable chairs on a high-rise balcony! Keep the finishing touches sleek; your indoor style should definitely make it all the way onto the patio! Simple-but-beautiful candle-lit lanterns and a piece of art or outdoor sculpture can add just enough atmosphere and a place to rest your eyes while you enjoy your moment with nature.


Tori Alexander

of Alexander Interiors


Make sure to be selective about the materials you use for an outdoor space.  Consider not only the durability of the materials to stand up against the elements but also the softness and comfort of your fabrics.  The world of indoor/outdoor fabric has come a long way and there are several durable fabrics that feel great to the touch. Be mindful of enhancing the existing outdoor setting.  For example, we chose an existing arbor to create an intimate outdoor dining room by layering bistro lights overhead with natural vines and wood tones.