Hannah Crowell has an easy-breezy, California cool-girl style indicative of the years she lived and worked as an actor on the West Coast. During our interview, in which she looked ready for the beach wearing wavy, blonde hair, relaxed jeans, and a t-shirt, we chatted with her about how to transition our homes to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Her fast, fun, and easy suggestions, all of which can be found at local shops, made us excited in the fact that the season of feeling the sand between our toes, swapping sweaters for swimsuits, and basking in the warm sunshine is finally here.



I absolutely love pampas grass to add a beachy vibe to any home. It brings a relaxed and airy feel to a space. Plus, it’s more affordable than fresh-cut flowers. I have a giant bunch of pink pampas grass in my family room that makes me so happy. Import Flowers, where I buy all of my flowers, has white pampas grass that I use constantly. They also stock palm leaves, which last forever and brighten any room instantly.



I am a lover of found objects. To say my home is a bit of a hoarder’s delight is an understatement. Gaslamp Antiques is my go-to for antiques and I have found so many great pieces for my client’s homes there. Objects to look for to add a beachy vibe to your home are giant sea fans, large pieces of coral, shells, and sea glass beads, which I use for styling all the time. Sea glass beads are easy and lighten a room up.



The boutique Apple and Oak carries really gorgeous handwoven Oaxacan baskets that I use for storage and also for dressing up plant pots, which can be kind of boring. Just make sure you have a plastic dish at the bottom for drainage. I have ruined many a basket by skipping that step.



I tend to use a lot of sea-themed art in my projects and my own home. One of my favorite local artists is Michelle Farro. Her paintings are just gorgeous and small enough to tuck onto a bookshelf or prop on a credenza. One of my favorite Michelle Farro pieces is a nude in the water. I have a print of it in my home office.



Nashvillians tend to think of 30A, which includes Rosemary, Seacrest, and Inlet Beaches when we think of taking a vacation. Don’t get me wrong, this is possibly my favorite beach in the world! However, when it comes to design, my aesthetic is far more eclectic than this Southern US Coastal feel. I went to Tangier a few years ago and fell madly in love with that city. I brought back a LOT of rugs and textiles. Similar ones can be found at the Nashville Rug Gallery, which I use to add flair to bathrooms and kitchens. They remind me of the patterned ones I found in Tangier.



Our office has 19 plants, which means I clearly need a 12-Step program for my addiction! However, having plants indoors reminds me of summertime even in the dead of winter. Hewitt Garden and Design Center, where I could spend hours, has the best selection of cacti and Creekside Garden in Belle Meade has a great selection of houseplants. I try to surround myself with plants as much as possible as they are great to lighten a room and also your mood.



Les Indiennes is one of my favorite textile lines. Their block print wallpapers and fabrics are dreamy! When designing a beach house I shy away from the expected and lean more towards prints such as Les Indiennes Nuages print in indigo. Sarah Bartholomew carries the line in her gorgeous Green Hills shop. My dear friend, designer Andra Eggleston, whose work can be found at the Noelle Hotel, has an amazing fabric line, Electra Eggleston. Last spring I reupholstered my outdoor sofa in her Miami peacock outdoor fabric, which is the happiest on the planet! I am dying to start a new beach project so I can use it with abandon.