From Santo creators, Maher Fawaz, Andrew Fawaz, Bradley Ryan, and Gabriel Reyes comes the newest addition to the well-established group of restaurateurs, Lola — a Spanish inspired tapas restaurant. With over five years in the making, the menu and wine list have been perfectly curated to leave you feeling as if you’re dining in the heart of Spain. Situated right in Nashville’s Sylvan Park, Lola seamlessly fits right in with the community of locally owned neighborhood go-to’s. However, its crisp, European-style flair will certainly leave it standing out from the rest.



The Neighborhood:

Sylvan Park

The Menu:

Developed by Head Chef Juliana Aguiar, the menu will be authentic, traditional Spanish-style tapas with a modern twist.  Small, shareable plates will make up most of the menu with a few entrees as well.

The Overall Vibe: 

Simple, modern. yet elegant as all the focus is on the flavor. Reminiscent of a place you would find traveling through Spain.


Pickled Piparra Salmorejo, Almendra Salad, Charcuterie Plate with spanish meats red wine simple minimalist restaurant white marble table wooden chairs
Pickled Piparra Salmorejo, Almendra Salad, Charcuterie Plate
The Crowd:

A mix of visitors and locals will be flocking to this new destination — if you can even get a table.

The Cocktail:

Even though a full bar is present, it’s all about the wine list here. With over 60 wines on the roster that have been perfectly curated by General Manager and Sommelier Melissa Santos, from unexpected locations such as Mexico, Greece, and Germany. There will be a large selection of Spanish and Portuguese wines, of course, as well as a few surprises rotating semi-frequently.

The Dish:

It will be hard not to order one of everything on the menu- it’s that good. But if you had to choose we would certainly insist on the Eggplant Butter Flatbread with Roasted Vegetables and the Almendra Salad. Absolutely delicious.

The Playlist: 

The inspiration behind the name and concept is from Spain’s very own, Lola Flores, a triple threat in dancing, singing, and acting. She embodies a soft, feminine presence paired with a strong and powerful element. So, naturally, Lola’s music will be mixed in through the evening to ensure that her presence is felt and known. 

The Dress Code: 

Open for both lunch and dinner, this is the spot to make it what you want. For lunch, throw on a casual black dress to meet clients or to catch up with a friend. As for dinner, the ambiance is perfect for a date night destination so you’ll want to dress it up.

The Take-away:  

With under 60 seats to claim inside, and another 20 on the terrace, this intentionally intimate eatery is meant to cultivate connection with those around you, as well as with every bite and sip you take. We imagine nothing but success and sought-after reservations for this latest Siège Hospitality endeavor.