Scarlett Burke’s one of Nashville’s most creative talents within the city. You may have seen this busy young songbird around town singing, playing the guitar, or even acting. But here recently, she’s been working on scripts, directing, and curating talent for her scripted podcast ‘Make It Up As We Go’ with big names like Billy Bob Thornton and Miranda Lambert. Season two is coming up, and she’s planning for it with an authentic attitude and big dreams for the future of her songs and show. Since she’s a dead ringer for the iconic model Brigitte Bardot (she gets that a lot but personally considers Charlize Theron her beauty/style idol), having her pose for our team for our Fall Issue felt like high fashion from the moment she walked into the room. A rockin’ bod (from diligent Pilates and serious hikes) made it easy to style her in the most coveted pieces of the season. When she’s not hard at work on her passions- she’s unwinding with a glass of red wine and catching up on her favorite films. But if you see her out in the city and want to say hello, buy her a spicy margarita and you’ll make an instant friend with one of Nashville’s most beautiful and bountifully creative up-and-coming talents for sure.



What Are Your Songwriting Rituals:

They honestly vary, sometimes I’ll go in with an idea for a hook that I hummed into my voice memos or just a concept without a melody in mind, or it’s a completely fresh idea that unfolds in the room.

Describe Your Sound:

Country blended with Pop and Americana

How Often Do You Write Songs:

Every other day and then I go through phases of not writing at all. I have to remind myself that it’s important to remember to go live my life and get out of the songwriting world because that’s where we find our inspiration as songwriters.

Scarlett Burke for The Nashville Edit Fall 2021 Style Coco Jacket and Taylor Pant by Cavanagh Baker; Black lace bralet by Anine Bing; Silver Chunky Chain Link Choker by Clara Williams from Gus Mayer; Photo by Alaina Mullin
Coco Jacket and Taylor Pant by Cavanagh Baker; Black lace bralette by Anine Bing; Silver Chunky Chain Link Choker by Clara Williams from Gus Mayer; Photo by Alaina Mullin
Greatest Inspiration/Muse:

Even before working with Miranda Lambert, I was a big fan of hers. Her musical talents aside, she’s a big inspiration to me in that she has stayed true to herself and embraced what makes her different from other artists.

How Do You Handle Performance Anxiety/ Nervousness:

The more I’ve rehearsed the set, the more relaxed I am the night of.

What Is The Best Venues You Have Performed In:

The iHeart Headquarters in New York

Dream Venue To Perform At:

Red Rocks!


George Strait

Dream Collaboration:

I checked that one off the bucket list when I worked with Miranda Lambert

Most Proud Of:

My scripted podcast series “Make It Up As We Go” that I created with Jared Gutstadt

 What Do You Consider Your Greatest Career Achievement Thus Far:

Directing our incredible cast for Make It Up As We Go, including Billy Bob Thornton.

How Do You Cure A Creative Block:

I get outside, go fishing, go for a hike, etc…

What Is Currently Inspiring You + What Keeps You Motivated:

Lately, I’ve been staying off social media and have gone into a wild creative bubble and loving it. To me, the process of creating content is so personal so I share bits here and there lately but I like to stay off social media when I’m in the fun zone of making music or working on scripts.

Any Exciting News Or Projects On The Horizon:

Working on scripts, casting, and music for season two of make it up and working on a solo record.


Scarlett Burke for The Nashville Edit Fall 2021 Style Back to work cozy chic
Taupe Heather Cashmere Turtleneck by CO from Gus Mayer; Gold Chain Link Choker by Oscar De La Renta from Gus Mayer; Photo by Alaina Mullin
Where Did You Grow Up:

Canyon, TX

The Candle You Love To Light:

Copper Clove by Voluspa

Favorite Collector Item:

Cowboy boots, it’s my favorite item to shop for and add to my closet.

Favorite Hotel For A Weekend Away:

Ojai Valley Inn

Snack Of Choice:

Chips and guacamole


Spicy Margarita

Best Advice You Will Never Forget:

Success ebbs and flows therefore you never give up.

Your Idea Of Perfect Happiness:

Bringing ideas to life

Best Compliment:

When one of my songs reaches a listener and supports what they might be going through in life