As a Detroit native, Tyrone Carreker is a creative and talented person on many levels. His musical abilities alone are impressive as he has been the guitarist for Sam Hunt’s band. Along the way, he discovered a new ability to create what he felt was missing from the market — luxury candles with a scent that leaves you feeling transported to a five-star destination. In 2018, Tyrone introduced Nashville to 27.9, his luxury candle company. He has already caught the eyes of The Joseph Hotel and Jessie James Decker’s brand Kittenish, creating signature, upscale scents for each. We think it’s safe to say that 27.9 will be on everyone’s wish list from here on out.



How did you get started:

Well, I’ve always loved fragrances in general (candles, colognes, etc), and when we were out on tour early on, we would be placed in the dingiest, dark back closet green rooms. So, I would always buy candles for the road. A few years later, one of our tour assistants had a candle that was made by her friend’s dad. I quickly looked up how to do it myself and chatted about it with my brother. I never pulled the trigger on making my own until a few months later my brother bought me a candle-making kit for Christmas. My first candle was HORRIBLE. I keep it so I can know how far I’ve come! But essentially I was much too competitive to let that be the end of the story. So I kept making them and bringing them out on the road and pretty soon people were requesting them. So I decided to sell them. One thing led to another and here we are.

What inspired you most to begin:

Curiosity and the ability to save some money. My taste had grown to be quite expensive and bougie.

Morning Ritual:

Black Tea with honey. I recently switched from coffee to tea because I didn’t like the wall I hit mid-day with coffee. Tea has a much smoother transition.

Healthiest daily habit:

Water intake. I carry around a gallon jug. To be honest, though, I lose it once a month.

Wellness essentials you swear by:

Multi-Vitamin and an extra Immune support vitamin on top of that. The extra vitamin usually adds a Vitamin C boost, Zinc, and Vitamin D

Can’t miss podcast:

 I like Joe Rogan a lot. He can have a conversation with anyone. It’s great. I also really like Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsey.

Your favorite hotel for a weekend away is:

Don’t have one, but the best place I’ve ever stayed is the Amangani in Jackson Hole. I’d stay there once a year if I could.

What is your go-to order at your favorite Nashville restaurant:

If shrimp and grits are on the menu, I have to get it.

Exercise regimen/how do you stay active:

I should definitely be more active ha! But, probably jumping around on stage keeps me active at the moment.

Currently obsessed with (can be anything):

Plants. I have about 30 in my house. I put them on my side porch in the summer and they grow like crazy.

 How do you unwind:

New Music Friday on Spotify. I’ll come home and just go through it. I give each song about 30 seconds to see if it hits me. If it does, I save it.

Best advice you will never forget:

Just be there. When things are happening that you’re chasing, just be there and be seen. Meet people. So with music, I just went to every show in town. Every writer’s night, I was there. There is no bigger advantage in this life than having a network.

Top Nashville spots (restaurants, shops, hang-outs, spa, hotel, etc):

Tin Roof. It’s a place for the locals.


Rose 31 by Le Labo; Violet Ends by Boy Smells; Mr. Sam by Penhaligon’s

Dream Collaboration:

Would love to do something with Ben and Jerry’s. I love their boldness in their branding and their voice.

Any exciting news or projects on the horizon:

We just scented a new resort in Anguilla. We also scented Hotel Ivy in Minnesota. I love creating fragrances for spaces.

Your motto:

Go for it. You’ll never know if you don’t.

Who is your icon:

Kobe Bryant. Rest in Peace.

What is something most people don’t know about you:

I genuinely enjoy classical music. I grew up on string bass and I can sing note for note for many songs by Beethoven, Bach, and Vivaldi.

What is your vice:

Ice cream. Or any kind of sugar.

Who inspires you and why:

Pretty much anyone who passionately chases what they want to do in life. I find many people inspiring and I feel like everyone can teach you something.

What in your wardrobe do you wear most often:

Boots. I wear boots all year long.

If you could learn a new skill, what would it be:

Either piano or how to make colognes. Making colognes is an art form. You don’t just wake up one day and decide to do that. It’s time on task.

What is your favorite city: 

London. I love the fact that Europe has so much history.

Guilty pleasure:

I don’t feel guilty about this but my guilty pleasure is Disney soundtracks. I think people would be surprised at how many Disney songs I know.