Podcasts have become the new blogs, and it seems as though everyone is starting one these days. Don’t get us wrong, we love good podcasting, but sometimes it’s hard to sift through the mediocre podcasts when you’re in search of something truly stimulating. Well, we get it. Most of us at the Edit listen to podcasts while driving too and from meetings, or even while getting ready and prepped for the day ahead.

Nashville happens to be a goldmine for podcasts (the joys of a booming city with interesting people moving in!). We have content being created all over the city, and while for a long time it was mainly music, we are now seeing so many more options when it comes to choosing which content to consume. From music to reality television (my guilty pleasure may or may not be binge-watching Very Cavallari), podcasts are another form of media that we take in throughout our days. The upside to podcasts? They’re pretty much made for multitasking, and let’s be real, with our busy schedules we need something that allows us to get on with our days.

Listen to these podcasters talk about everything from local Nashvillians to how to be successful on your own terms!

This Nashville Life with Kelleigh Bannen

If you’re not already following singer/songwriter Kelleigh Bannen, you’re missing out on a lot of local dialogue. Bennen’s podcast shines a light on the “business” side of the music industry and features guest interviews, stories, industry tips and plenty of insight from promoters, radio executives and her fellow songwriters. While Kelleigh is still chasing her own dream, she’s also sharing advice with her listeners, equipping a generation of dreamers with the tools they need to create their own careers.

“It’s not just about music,” she says of This Nashville Life. “It’s about what you do with a passion. It’s about what you do with perseverance. I’m not just looking inside the music biz. I’m looking inside any kind of creative struggle.”

Listen to This Nashville Life here.


Erin Oprea, Ashley Eicher, and Hunter Kelly
All Our Favorite People with Ashley Eicher and Hunter Kelly

Ashley Eicher is a true gem in Nashville. She has her foot in just about every aspect of entertainment in Music City. As president of her own production company, AE Entertainment, the host of The Dollar Club (her way of giving back to the community, partnered with Cross Point), and her many, many other endeavors, Ashley has somehow found time to host a podcast, All Our Favorite People, with co-host Hunter Kelly. Their podcast showcases just what they find so important – people adding kindness to the world.

“[All Our Favorite People] shines a light on people doing amazing things in the world. From artists and entertainers to authors and business leaders, All Our Favorite People features in-depth conversations that dig into the heart, hilarity, and messiness that is life.”

You can listen to All Our Favorite People here.


The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon

As a brand strategist and digital marketing expert, influencer marketing educator Julie Solomon is a local lady we love to highlight. A businesswoman through-and-through, Solomon helps “women like you up-level their influence, purposefully connect, and monetize their platform.” In her podcast, she explores the secrets behind the everchanging trends of influencer marketing. When listening, she’ll take you behind the scenes with successful influencers, bloggers and industry elites to see how they engage, persuade and grow their influence. This is definitely a podcast for all our boss ladies out there.

You can listen to Julie’s Influencer Podcast here.

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Mirror Mirror

Founded by Nashville natives Jesse Harbison and Allison Duke, Mirror Mirror is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Jesse about the beauty routines and philosophies of remarkable women from all walks of life. Throughout each episode, Jesse interviews a different woman (from chefs to fashion designers) and gets the scoop on their favorite beauty products. You should see the lineup of women interviewed on this podcast, from Kady Decker (owner or Pure Barre) to Karee Hays, there’s so much to learn from these women’s lives and routines.

You can listen to Mirror Mirror here.


Sounds Good with Branden Harvey

If you’re sick of hearing about all the negative happening in the world, Sounds Good with Branden Harvey is the podcast for you. As the host of his own podcast and the creator of the Goodnewspaper (a printed newspaper full of good news), he’s pretty busy adding more positivity to the world, and to Nashville!

Sounds Good With Branden Harvey is a weekly podcast centered around hopeful conversations with optimists and world-changers about topics like mental health, social justice, and using your influence for good.”

You can listen to Branden’s podcast here.


Living Fully with Mallory Ervin

I love to highlight pretty much anything this lady does. This lifestyle blogger and Youtuber is adding yet another outlet we can keep up with her on, and we’re not mad about it. Mallory’s tagline has always been to “live fully,” and that’s exactly what she is going to help us do in her new podcast coming out July first! Mallory explains, “We all need some encouragement and inspiration on this journey of being human. Life is about finding joy, happiness, satisfaction, and learning how to be connected in a world where so many people feel numb.” She’ll be sharing stories and lessons about what she and her guests have learned, inspiring us to live fully. 

You’ll find Live Fully episodes here.


Velvet’s Edge with Kelly Henderson

“Every girl has a little Velvet and a little Edge, it all just depends on the day,” explains creator of Velvet’s Edge podcast, Kelly Henderson. If you’re into beauty blogs, you’ll want to check this one out. Kelly’s compilation of stories of life, things of inspiration and how-to’s will inspire you in your daily routines. Known as Nashville’s Cool Girl Guide, Velvet’s Edge will reference the beauty secrets you’ve been wanting to know about, and more in-depth topics such as breakups, aura colors, and life after death.

You can listen to Velvet’s Edge here.


Instagram, Nicolle Clawson Galyon Clawson and Caroline Hobby
GET REAL with Caroline Hobby

Each week on Get Real with Caroline Hobby, Caroline sits down and talks to the wives of your favorite country artists. In every episode, she gives you an inside look of what it’s like to be married to Luke Bryan, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, Kane Brown, Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney from Dan and Shay and more. Being married to frontman Michael Hobby of chart-topping band, A Thousand Horses, she really is able to connect on a soul level with the stories of her guests. She also sits down with female entrepreneurs and influencers, like one of our favorite gals, Nicolle Galyon Clawson, and gets real. 

“It’s honest women… having honest talk.”

You can listen to Caroline’s podcast here.



NaSheVille is a brand, a body, and a movement celebrating fierce, grace-filled women of Nashville and calling them to share their stories and gifts with other women of the city. Founder Brooke Tometich, and cofounder Mattie Selecman are two women in the city of Nashville who have overcome some extreme hardships with grit and grace.

Their mission is simple: “As Nashville natives, we are here to support the fellow women of all walks in our city. Each of these three groups plays an intimate part in our personal stories and are at the core mission of who we are and who we serve as a brand and company. Our primary partners for ministering and giving back are Love One International, End Slavery Middle Tennessee, and the Modern Widows Club.”

Along with their blog, they regularly add to their podcast, where they have raw conversations with women like Lauren Akins, Rachel Wammack, and Laura Lea Bryant.

You can listen to the NaSheVille podcast here.


Whine Down with Jana Kramer

Last but not least, you’re not going to want to miss Jana Kramer’s podcast, Whine Down, where she decompresses her days and life with her husband, Mike Caussin. She’s pretty much done it all, from acting to singing, divorce, motherhood and beyond, offering us all a healthy dose of reality and solidarity. From episodes with Bob Saget to a deep conversation with Chelsea Handler,  Whine Down with a glass of wine on your porch and just chill out with Jana.

You can listen to Whine Down here.