As the daughter of a man known globally for his artistic talents and influence, Andra’s devotion to the arts is no surprise. After stints in both NYC and Los Angeles, she relocated to Nashville nearly a decade ago to raise her family and work magic with her luxury textile design business.

Work & Life  

TNE: Quote, mantra, or saying that has meaning in your life…

AE: “Know thyself” – in the stillness of myself I have found great creative space and great spiritual connection.


TNE: Where did you find the love for what you do?

AE: 15 years ago I was a struggling actor in LA, questioning my life’s purpose, having waited tables for 10+ years. I was 33 at the time and fell in love with an art called textile design. It was then that I remembered, I had loved it along – I started drawing patterns when I was 9 years old.


TNE: What excites you to get out of bed every morning?

AE: The only thing that would excite me to get out of bed in the morning is a hot bath. I have been known to take 3 baths a day.


TNE: Who in your life has made a major impact?

AE: My acting coach in LA, Anthony Meindl, who taught me that if I bring my authentic self to the world, it will indeed listen.


TNE: Favorite vacation spot or place you love to stay/escape:

AE: I will probably grow old in the Russian River Valley in California, a place where so many family memories have been made in the midst of great wine, shallow beaches, and a Redwood forest.


TNE: Where is your eye drawn when looking at interiors?

AE: Ironically, I have always been afraid to use color, so my eye is always drawn to the boldest and bravest of interiors, to risk-taking choices, to clashing colors. Neutrals rather bore me!


TNE: What’s the most unconventional fabric use you’ve seen?

AE: A client once ordered our upholstery fabric to have 2 suits custom made for himself.


TNE: What meaningful lesson have you learned through quarantine and how do you plan to incorporate that mindset or lesson into your life moving forward?

AE: I am still struggling with the lesson. The quarantine combined with a commonly slow summer has really given me time and space to look at and focus on myself in terms of self-care and what that even means. I was very resistant to it in the beginning. I was hanging onto anxiety, watching the news, pow-wowing with friends to gripe, and using the pandemic to justify all the negative energy I could muster up. But now (every day is a chance to start again): I am meditating. I am sleeping in later, taking long walks (running, even), praying daily to appreciate the miracles in my life that I have at this very moment while asking for the wisdom to be able to use the gifts that I have to expand in every direction. And ALL of this often feels hard. I fall off, I get back on. I get critical, I forgive myself. I move on. Oh, and I’m letting my hair grow out grey (as if I could make things any more challenging)!


TNE: Due to the pandemic, many people are now working from home. What are your best tips, tricks, and advice for a productive at-home workspace?

AE: I am very fortunate to have a studio that is a 5-minute drive from our home in East Nashville, so I haven’t really had to work from home. For this reason, it has become an unexpected sanctuary. No one has been allowed in or out due to COVID, so it feels like a real retreat – a place where I can hear my own thoughts.


My Routine

TNE: What’s the ideal way to start your day?

AE: Ideal… sit outside and listen to the birds, the wind and the sounds, make a collagen protein shake, a hot cup of coffee in my favorite china cup & saucer, a hot bath, sing along to “Morning Has Broken” on Spotify, and a major snuggle with my 9-year-old and 2-year-old. Reality…choose 1 or 2 of these and be grateful anyway.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: What do you never leave home without?

AE: Italian hand lotion, peppermint oil, and Kiehl’s lip balm.


TNE: Most random thing we might find in your bag…

AE: Probably a pair of dice. You never know when they might come in handy.


TNE: Who you count on for glam…

AE: For hair, Kip Abernathy at Green Pea Salon in 12th South. For nails, Poppy & Monroe in Germantown. For my face, Retief Skincare in Green Hills.


TNE: The best way to combat stress?

AE: Not necessarily in this order- Prayer, hot baths, sex, hot yoga, wine. Or, in place of wine, a CALM magnesium supplement.


TNE: Your favorite way to reconnect with family?

AE: Food equals love for me – I am a stickler for family meals and have a no-tolerance policy for conflict or stress at the dinner table.

My City

TNE: How long have you been in Nashville?

AE: I moved here from Manhattan 7 years ago this past February.


TNE: Your neighborhood…

AE: East Nashville


TNE: Coolest neighborhood treasure/place…

AE: Shelby Bottoms Greenway


TNE: Go-to spots for meeting friends…

AE: For wine, I’m a back porch/dinner party kind of gal. For a great cocktail (in fact, the very best cocktail) Attaboy speakeasy in East Nashville is my go-to. For a coffee, the pour-over at Barista Parlor is so good I will drink it black.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: Favorite spot to bring the kids…

AE: A splurge but a favorite-Rolf & Daughters! My husband and I are foodies, so we have a tendency to eat out a lot with our kids. They love the lemon-garlic chicken and the garganelli pasta – it puts a huge smile on my face to see them eat good food! (A bonus – mama and daddy drinks)!


TNE: Places you get exercise (gym, parks, wherever)…

AE: My favorite local yoga studio is Hot Yoga East Nashville.


TNE: One thing you love most about living in Music City…

AE:  The people! Nashville has a bright, ambitious, supportive, gifted, and sincere community willing to lift each other up. I have made the very best friends of my life here, and they have opened my heart and inspired me to be more, give more, and love more.


TNE: The thing that you don’t love so much…

AE: Traffic, of course.


TNE: Events or involvements that are close to your heart…

AE: I am proud to have co-founded the Eggleston Art Foundation in Memphis with my brothers to forward the artistic and cultural legacy of my father!