This Seattle transplant is the creative guru behind the design of some of our favorite blogs and brands. She shares her eye for detail, sense of wanderlust, and fun personality through Honor Creative on the daily.


Work & Life

TNE: What meaningful lesson have you learned through quarantine and how do you plan to incorporate that mindset or lesson into your life moving forward?

BB: Obviously, slow down and be present. Appreciate time with family and nature. Our family learned new ways to “go without.” Be grateful for the things you do have- and enjoy them. Put down your phone or camera and see life through your eyes, not through a lens. You miss too much when your digging in your bag or pocket to grab for your phone. Sit back and enjoy the moments in between.


TNE: Due to the pandemic, many people are now working from home. What are your best tips, tricks, and advice for a productive at-home workspace?

BB: Get up and go for a walk, meditate, whatever you need to do to clear your head. Set intentions for the day. Keep your space clean and de-cluttered. Find a good natural light spot to set up for the day. Welcoming and warm is key. Dodge distraction and breathe. Put in a podcast, Calm App, or some AirPods so you can’t hear your kids bouncing off the walls.


TNE: Woman who’s most influenced you…

BB: It’s hard to pick just one. As a whole, my friends. I have so many powerful, smart, and kind women in my life. My friends encourage me to be a better mom, a better friend, and to never sell myself short of being anything less than happy.


TNE: Favorite quote or mantra that has meaning in your life…

BB: “Seek what sets your soul on fire.” I have always done the work hard play hard thing. Life is too short.


TNE: What excites you to get out of bed every morning?

BB: Working with my amazing team at Honor and knowing I have a creative job to go to each day working with honest, loyal, and creative people.


TNE: Where do you get your creative inspiration for brands?

BB: Most of my inspiration comes from travel, especially big cities, and out of the country. I love color combination and typography used in new and interesting ways. I’m always looking for new ways to make design modern and effortless.


TNE: Dream client(s)…

BB: We have been working with a hospitality client in Old Town Scottsdale, Arizona. Having a lot of fun creating a mid-century brand for them. We are also working on a new branding and website for Danielle Walker, from the Against All Grain blog. Her story is truly inspiring and she is our ideal client. We design visuals for people with good intentions and she is 100% good.


TNE: Favorite vacation spot or place you love to stay/escape…

BB: Whidbey Island, Washington. I spent my summers on the island as a child and it’s my rocking chair location of choice.


TNE: Pet peeve when it comes to workplace behavior…

BB: When people are too defensive. In our business you have to be able to roll with the punches and not take things too personally. Work is always changing and you have to be able to switch gears and take constructive criticism.


TNE: The best thing about being a creative business owner/founder…

BB: Making my own schedule and taking trips for inspiration.


Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: The worst thing about being a creative business owner/founder.

BB: Doing the un-fun work that is not creative. I find that I have to write a lot of emails, deal with accounting, invoicing, etc. Putting out fires is not fun but it goes with being a business owner.


TNE: What are you listening to?

BB: Country Music. Right now my jam is Jessi Alexander. I love her raw lyrics and the visuals in her songwriting. I will always love the greats like Dolly Parton, Kristofferson, Bonnie Raitt and James Taylor. I’ve been known to be a huge lover of yacht rock as well. Hall & Oats, Steely Dan, Cristopher Cross, Michael McDonald and of course Fleetwood Mac. Who’s ready to karaoke…I’m in?


TNE: Book you’re currently reading:

BB: “Hands Free Mama” by Rachel Mary Stafford. It’s always important to keep in check, especially trying to juggle two kids and a career. I want to make memories, not to-do lists. It’s always a challenge for me overcoming distraction. My goal is to live better and love more.


TNE: Websites you like to check daily:

BB: Pinterest. I use this site daily for work and life inspiration. Behance. Amazing creative inspiration from designers all over the world.

My Routine

TNE: What’s the ideal way to start your day?

BB: Two-minute meditation first thing to set a daily intention. Anytime, anywhere. Sometimes when I am in the carline dropping my kids off to school, if that’s what it takes. I have really learned how important it is to breathe. I need to be in control of my day, not let my day be in control of me. Your intentions steer your journey. Then, usually two cups of coffee while checking and responding to emails. A production meeting with my team and then clearing off my business work plate before I get into the creative zone.


TNE: How do you stay balanced?

BB: I try to break up my day with mid-afternoon Hot Yoga at Fahrenheit yoga in 12th south. After 6 pm, I hang up the boss hat and become a mom. I drive them around, do homework, dinner, and the bedtime routine. Before I hit the hay, I usually binge on a show like Schitt’s Creek, a favorite new series or dateline NBC.


TNE: Products (or services) you count on for energy and health. Give us your wellness go-to’s…

BB: I just got back from Miraval in Tucson, Arizona. I strongly suggest a girls getaway there. Talk about a mindful experience. On the daily, I would say hot yoga and an infrared sauna. For products, I love Clary Collection. Dr.Gross C+ Collagen Brightening & Firm Eye Cream and Alpha Beta Daily Peel, Karee Hayes Sheer Peptide Gel.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: How many hours a week do you work?

BB: As a business owner it never really does stop but I try my best to work from 8 am – 5 pm daily and then turn it off.


TNE: Your favorite way to wind down…

BB: Fahrenheit Yoga or use my Infrared Sauna and throw on a podcast. Sunlighten’s solo system is the best purchase I ever made.


TNE: What do you never leave home without?

BB: Sadly, my phone.


TNE: Most random thing we might find in your handbag…

BB: I could win “Let’s Make A Deal” with the number of random things in my bag. Anywhere from Epi-Pen’s to protein bars.


TNE: Latest tech discovery for shopping or saving time…

BB: Wunderlist for my lists. It’s a game-changer.


TNE: Who you count on for glam…

BB: I love a lady named “Loan” at Venetian nails in Green Hills. She is the best. Jordan Hughes at Lunatic Fringe in Melrose. Suzanne at City Lash at the new L&L Market off Charlotte. I’m all over the place on face and skincare. From Karee Hayes, Gilpin, and my girls at Image Surgical Arts.


TNE: What do you splurge on personally?

BB: Girl’s trips and more girl’s trips. This really fills my cup. I probably take 5-7 a year.


TNE: Wine, cocktails, or smoothie…

BB: I should just change my name to Kim Crawford.

My City

TNE: Have been in Nashville since…

BB: 2002.


TNE: Your neighborhood…

BB: Spent 14 years in East Nashville and currently live in Oak Hill.


TNE: Coolest neighborhood treasure/place…

BB: Wedgewood Houston. Back before it was the “it” place my husband and I had a 3500 square foot painting studio there in the old hosiery building. It was rough but it was ours. Oh to have that back!


TNE: Top choice for date night…

BB: Rolf and Daughters.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: Business lunch spot…

BB: Restoration Hardware or Mas Tacos.


TNE: Meeting friends for coffee or wine?

BB: Wine, always.


TNE: Where to take the kiddos on the weekend?

BB: Mostly from one sporting event to the next. We love taking them to movies, soundwaves at Opryland, and occasionally a little cabin in Cookeville.


TNE: Shop you can always find the perfect outfit…

BB: Emerson Grace or H.Audrey.


TNE: Where do you source things for your home?

BB: Mayker or Wilder.


TNE: Places you get exercise (gym, parks, wherever)…

BB: Fahrenheit Yoga or a walk a Radnor Lake.


TNE: One thing you love most about living in Music City…

BB: Creative people.


TNE: The thing that you don’t love so much…

BB: Bachelorette parties.


TNE: The perfect day off in town includes…

BB: Walk around Radnor, brunch, foot massage at crest spa, getting ready with a glass of sauvignon blanc and a music show at night like Whiskey Wolves of the West or a show at the Ryman.


TNE: Community and charity involvements close to your heart:

BB: Musicians On Call.


TNE: Favorite local event:

BB: Tomato Arts Festival. We had one of the first booths on day number one and continue to support year after year.