Working with some of the biggest names in the music industry often means jetting across the country for morning and late-night talk shows, but you never see Jensen showing signs of jetlag. After doing her time at a leading label, she founded her wildly successful Sweet Talk Publicity. She beams positivity to anyone she comes across as she carves her own path down Music Row and beyond.

Work & Life

TNE: What does an “influential woman” mean to you?

JS: Someone who inspires, empowers, and sets the trend.


TNE: Where did you find the love for what you do?

JS: PR actually found me. I didn’t know that there was a career where you got to talk about what you love all day every day, be creative, write, and make so many new friends. While pursuing my dreams of dancing professionally and earning a master’s degree in nutrition, I found myself falling into public relations positions and loving it. PR is my heart and what I’m meant to do.


TNE: What excites you to get out of bed every morning?

JS: Coffee, my morning workout with Sean Oprea, and the fact that today will be different from any other day.


TNE: What’s a life lesson you wish you had learned sooner?

JS: To follow my heart– and gut. My first instinct is usually spot on.


TNE: Who in your life has made a major impact?

JS: My dad. He continues to inspire me. He has accomplished so much in his career while being an amazing father. He always put family first and never missed a dance recital, graduation, or any special moment in my life.


TNE: Favorite vacation spots and/or places you love to stay and escape…

JS: 100% Napa- the wine, the cheese, and the gorgeous landscape. I’m from SoCal, so a beach is a go-to destination (Cabo, Tulum, Hawaii). I also love Paris, France- everything from art, architecture, history, shopping, and the macarons. I always leave feeling more inspired than ever.


TNE: Quote, mantra, or saying that has meaning in your life…

JS: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” -Lao Tzu


TNE: How do you handle negativity?

JS: I shift my focus and energy to what is positive.


TNE: Favorite artist you’ve worked with?

 JS: I’ve been lucky enough to work with several amazing artists and honestly couldn’t pick a favorite.


TNE: How do you find a healthy work-life balance?

JS: I’m always working on finding the right balance, but I try to be honest with myself on what I need to be the best version of me, which sometimes can be taking an hour to workout or spending a day binge-watching Netflix’s “You,” or burning the midnight oil at the office because I’m too excited to shut down yet.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: Highlight of your career so far…

JS: Seeing my incredible staff shine! When they land a great feature, the way they light up gives me the best feeling!


TNE: Favorite part of your work?

JS:  Being a part of a star’s rise is amazing. It is so fulfilling to see a brand-new artist go from completely unknown to a household name!


TNE: What meaningful lesson have you learned through quarantine and how do you plan to incorporate that mindset or lesson into your life moving forward?

JS: I’m always moving a million miles a minute, so I often don’t stop long enough to really take in my surroundings and actually see everything. This quarantine time has brought a whole new level of appreciation for the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had in my life and career – the 4 a.m. wake-up call to catch a flight would be welcomed now. I’ve also never had this much time at home in Nashville since I’m not traveling. It’s given me the gift of spending more time with family – which I’ve loved every second of – and also has challenged me to find the positive in all of this to stay happy, healthy, and ready for whatever is next.


TNE: Due to the pandemic, many people are now working from home. What are your best tips, tricks, and advice for a productive at-home workspace?

JS: My best tip is to start your day as if you’re still going to the office. Doing a home workout, getting ready – as in actually getting dressed and doing your hair/makeup before sitting down at a desk with your laptop. Even though sweats are beyond comfy, feeling put together makes me feel stronger, focused, and that I’m starting the day with purpose and intention.


My Routine

TNE: What’s the ideal way to start your day?

JS: Start with a workout – either with my trainer or go to a spin class – and then coffee, ginger shot, and then head into the office.


TNE: What products (or services) do you count on for energy and health? Give us your wellness go- to’s…

JS:  Ginger-Lemon shot from Turnip Truck– I stop for one every morning on my way to work. It gives you that added energy burst plus helps keep your immune system up.  Erin Oprea’s PRETTY MUSCLES app – it keeps me moving while I’m traveling. FitBit – best way to stay accountable for my workouts.


TNE: Your favorite way to wind down…

JS: Drinking hot tea while watching “This Is Us.”


TNE: What do you never leave home without?

JS: Floss. I’m serious.


TNE: Most random thing we might find in your bag…

JS: Earplugs.


TNE: Who do you count on for glam?

JS: Kait Mosh for nails. She’ll come to you and is a nail design goddess. Keisha Butts, Kurls & Kisses, for the best blowouts. Skin Pharm for the ultimate skincare regimen. My skin reached a new glow. Rachel Dwyer for brows. I call her the brow guru.


TNE: The best way to combat stress…

JS: Take a yoga class, meditate, light candles, and NoBaked cookie dough.


TNE: Quick beauty trick for going from the office to an event?

JS: Switch from flats to heels and add a bright lipstick- red or pink will add instant glam to any outfit.


TNE: How does your routine change on the road?

JS: I try to keep my routine the same as much on the road as I can. I plan my workouts in advance and aim to hit my step goals each day. This helps me stay grounded with all of the travel.

My City

TNE: How long have you been in Nashville?

JS: I’ve been in Nashville since 1994. I moved from Los Angeles!


TNE: Your neighborhood…

JS: The Gulch.


TNE: Coolest neighborhood treasure/place…

JS: The Mockingbird! Super fun cocktails and the most decadent desserts. Always a treat.


TNE: Top choice for date night…

JS: Folk. I love sharable plates, plus so many great veggie options.


TNE: Meeting friends for coffee or wine…

JS: Geist for bubbles! Crema for coffee dates! And, Pinewood Social if we are feeling both.


TNE: Favorite venue around town?

JS: The Ryman.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: Boutique you can always find the perfect outfit…

JS: H. Audrey.


TNE: Places you get exercise (gym, parks, wherever)…

JS: Full Ride Cycling and Liberation and Sanctuary for Yoga.


TNE: Favorite spot to get glam…

JS: Private Edition.


TNE: One thing you love most about living in Music City…

JS: The food scene – there are so many new restaurants popping up and I love trying them all.


TNE: One thing that you don’t love so much…

JS: All the detours due to construction.


TNE: The perfect day off in town includes…

JS: Sleeping in, yoga, East Park Donuts and Coffee, brunch at Marche with my boyfriend, a walk through the park, and a dinner date at one of our go-to spots: Mockingbird, Folk, Two Ten Jack, or Pelican & Pig.


TNE: Community and charity involvements you are passionate about…

JS: I’m on the board of the T.J. Martell Foundation which is close to my heart.


TNE: Favorite events or local involvements…

JS: The T.J. Martell summer porch parties are my favorite. It’s a 5-course dinner prepared by Chef Johnny Haffner set on a gorgeous porch and you BYO wine. It’s so fun to share the table with people you just met who are all coming together to support such a great cause!