Not every singer can say that Prince himself described their gift as “a voice that could melt snow”–but Kandace Springs can. A successful jazz and soul singer with vocal maturity beyond her years, Kandace invites listeners behind the curtain by sharing her Music City roots and Southern spirit.


Work & Life

TNE: What does an “influential woman” mean to you?

KS: To me, an influential woman is strong, independent, and badass! Be true to yourself and don’t let anyone get in the way of your dreams!


TNE: Where did you find the love for what you do?

KS: Growing up as a child in Nashville, I was always hearing my dad, Scat Springs singing around the house, and seeing him perform locally. He is very well known in the local music scene. I also discovered jazz at a young age- Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald, and Diana Krall. I was so drawn to it.


TNE: What excites you to get out of bed every morning?

KS: Life excites me! I love creating, specifically music and painting. I love working on my cars, playing with my cats–and just living my best life.


TNE: What’s a life lesson you wish you had learned sooner?

KS: I’ve learned that you have to stay true to yourself as an artist and as a person. I’ve had a lot of people in the industry try to push me in different musical directions that weren’t really “me.” Eventually, my managers and I came up with this album concept and basically said “this is who I am.” Our label president, Don at Blue Note totally supported our vision–so here we are.


TNE: Where do you find inspiration for your music?

KS: Inspiration can come from anywhere- current or past experiences, relationships, etc. But sometimes, I’m inspired by things that aren’t my current life experience, just something I think people could relate to.


TNE: What’s the most meaningful experience you’ve had performing?

KS: I’ve had so many amazing experiences performing already on my journey, but performing with Prince at Paisley Park for his Purple Rain 30th-anniversary show was surreal! Also, recording a duet on my new album with one of my heroes, Norah Jones, was incredible.


TNE: How do you shake any nerves before a show?

KS: I don’t really get nervous. I love what I do and I’m usually anxious to just go out and have fun. I have amazing musicians- my all-girl trio is so dope and we keep each other laughing all the time.


TNE: Vacation spot(s) and place you love to stay/escape…

KS: I love being near the ocean- sometimes when I’m in LA, I drive out to Malibu and chill for a few days. I love the mountains and the ocean. I also love to take my Jeep and go off-roading outside of Nashville.

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: What’s your favorite car in your collection?

KS: My current favorite car is my 1928 T Bucket! That’s my baby!


TNE: Quote, mantra, or saying that has meaning in your life…

KS: Every day is a new possibility.


TNE: What’s your dream car that you don’t already own?

KS: My dream car would probably be an AC Cobra. Hopefully I will add that to my collection someday.


TNE: The fastest car you’ve ever driven?

KS: When I used to valet cars, I drove everything from twin-turbo Porsche’s, Ferrari’s, and Mustang Roushes, but the Dodge Viper SR10 is no joke!


TNE: What meaningful lesson have you learned through quarantine and how do you plan to incorporate that mindset or lesson into your life moving forward?

KS: It’s funny in a way, because I’ve always had a side interest in working in cars, buying and selling them, and so when this all happened and all my shows were postponed, I just went right into my car business full time! But of course, I’m doing a lot playing and writing at home, and every couple of weeks I stream a show for my fans. So it’s such a different groove I’m in now, it’s going to feel so different to get back to touring! But I miss that so much. I think I’m just going to appreciate it that much more.


TNE: Due to the pandemic, many people are now working from home. What are your best tips, tricks, and advice for a productive at-home workspace?

KS: I have a really interesting workspace at home because I collect pianos as well as cars! So I have 5 pianos in my living room, and I have my grand piano and one of my Fender Rhodes electric pianos set up for me to do live streams, and I have a special tripod that fits two phones, so I can do YouTube and Instagram at the same time. So I’ve worked hard to make an environment that just right for me. It wouldn’t work for other people, but I think everybody should try and customize their workspace, it really makes things so much more stress-free.


My Routine

TNE: What’s the ideal way to start your day?

KS: If I’m home, I usually feed my cats when I wake up, shower and get ready, have a good southern-style breakfast, and work on my cars or play one of my pianos.


TNE: Your favorite way to wind down…

KS: I wind down listening to some jazz or classical music. I love to laugh and I’ll find funny stuff on YouTube, or wherever. Chilling with my friends and my cats is always a good thing.


TNE: What do you never leave home without?

KS: I never leave home without my custom water bottle! It goes all over the world with me.


TNE: Who do you count on for glam?

KS: I actually love to do my own hair and make-up. I’ve had some bad experiences with people over-doing the makeup or putting too much product in my hair. The only person other than myself that I would trust is my sister Kenya – She’s a pro.


TNE: How does your beauty routine change from day-to-day to a performance?

KS: I’m pretty basic and simple with my skin and hair care. I like Cantu and coconut oil for my hair and skin. Can’t go wrong with that!

Photo by Ashley Hylbert

TNE: Is there a foolproof product (beauty/skincare/wellness) you can’t live without?

KS: Shea Moisture, Cantu, and some coconut oil–I’m good to go!


TNE: Best practice or product for keeping your vocals in good shape?

KS: I’m always singing and that keeps me ready to go. I don’t really need to warm up because I never really stop.

My City

TNE: How long have you been in Nashville?

KS: Born and raised in Nashville baby!


TNE: Your neighborhood…

KS: I grew up in Antioch. Nothing fancy, but it was home to us! Lots of good memories with my family.


TNE: Places you get exercise (gym, parks, wherever):

KS: I always love hanging out at the soccer fields – there are a couple of leagues in Franklin that I play in whenever I’m not on the road. I love the competition- I can get pretty feisty out there (ha!).


TNE: The perfect day off in town includes…

KS: Again, I love hanging out on the soccer fields. Also, I love updating my car collection and working on them and my visual art. I also love to go off-roading in my Jeep in the woods and just getting away from everything.


TNE: Community and charity involvements close to your heart…

KS: I’m very passionate about the well being of animals and in general I’m all about tolerance and acceptance of all people.


TNE: Favorite events around town…

KS: I like to go to car shows sometimes with some of my collection. It is always funny showing up and watching reactions of the cars I pull up with.