Leah Hoffman made her name well-known in Nashville (and beyond) through her jaw-dropping talent in the hair department, incredible style, and well-curated Instagram. If you’re following her on social media (and if you’re not, you should), you’re already aware of the mastermind she is when it comes to home decor as well.

Leah’s home is designed by Profile and Principle and was “dreamt from the outside in” in the heart of East Nashville as expressed by the firm. She describes her taste as something like a “mix of post-modern and minimal, with pops of color.” Her furniture choices were intentional in regard to supplementing the already-existing space. The neutral tones of the wood, concrete, and exposed cinderblock and ductwork established a modern, industrial undertone on its own, and allowed her to bring in her personal, more eclectic aesthetic with her furnishing choices.

As a master of thrifting and antiquing, Leah has managed to find absolute gems of furniture and art pieces to fill her home with, in addition to looking to local artists and curators for more custom or rare decor. As far as art goes, many of the pieces you’ll find in Leah’s home she created herself. Her love of antiques led her to her newfound passion mixing renaissance art with her embroidery skills, thus creating Art by Leah Hoff. She finds Renaissance paintings she loves in vintage books, removes them, and hand-stitches designer clothing on them, giving them a new life. However, there is one standout piece of art that isn’t hers. Her brother, Matt Eddmenson (whom you may know as the owner of Imogene + Willie), created the statement piece that resides at the top of her stairs. She carefully placed it there so it could be seen “when walking in the front door, and even when pulling in the driveway because of all the visibility through the house.”

For the full tour of her home, watch our first-ever “Edit Inside” video above, and to shop a few of her pieces, look to the links below.

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Images by Jami-lyn Fehr Hall. Video Direction + Editing by Christian Hall.