It’s been five years since Tim McGraw released a solo album, but this week his 16th studio record, Here on Earth drops (August 21) – and it’s everything that the superstar’s fans have been waiting for. From upbeat tunes to heartfelt ballads, the collection of music is a mix of recordings worthy of the long-time country music favorite. While we already have the tunes on pre-order after just a bit of a preview (so many good songs!), at the moment, we are even more impressed with how much Tim has inspired us with his commitment to health, fitness, and happiness in recent years.


He’s is arguably in better shape than most entertainers half his age (he’s 53) and continues to challenge his mind and body to continue to get better and stronger with each passing year. Luckily, his approach and routines aren’t some sort of insane and unreachable program but instead solid practices and methods that anyone can use them as a guide to wellness, inside and out. The best place to find a bit of his collected wisdom is in Grit and Grace: Train the Mind, Train the Body, Own Your Life – the book where he not only shares his personal struggles and challenges but also his philosophy on exercise, nutrition and why going to be at 9:30 is a top priority.

Photo by Robby Klein

Some of the exercises clearly will appeal more to males (free form gym/weight setups with tires, chains, and other ‘guy stuff’)- the content easily translates as a path to follow for females looking to make true changes in their habits, lifestyle and physical state. He’s blatantly honest about his ‘puffy-faced image’ that he cringed away from seeing in the local movie theater. From that point a decade ago, he snapped into action, got moving away from his ‘Dad Bod’, and has never looked back.


No matter what your goals or current status is on the scales or with endurance, there’s useful information for all levels of fitness. For Tim, the transformation started with simply walking- first thing, every single day for six weeks. Based on what he’s accomplished physically since it’s pretty obvious that he was on the right path. He also dives deep in sharing his own experiences with staying true to the commitment to his body, purging stress, and always having a sense of deep focus and discipline to stay on course. We love the photographs used to show specific exercises, the collection of favorite healthy recipes, and the overall honesty that the book offers in relation to self-improvement.


One of his strong beliefs is that you just have to show up, which is what he has been doing onstage for fans going on 30 years. There’s no doubt that once some of the current restrictions and distancing rules pass that we will see McGraw in top condition belting out the stream of hits that this new album promises – and for that, we can’t wait.