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Olivia Tomlin Dial is a real estate mogul in the making; but who is surprised given her entrepreneurial genes? (After all, her father, George Tomlin is the President and CEO of GBT Realty). I was only in Olivia’s home for a short while but walked out inspired and wanting to start my mornings a bit more like her.

Despite having planned a full-fledged Dove Hunt for “the boys” and seated dinner the night prior, Olivia was glowing as she welcomed me into her home for our interview. She warned that we’d only have approximately 23 minutes until her (ex-NFL player) husband, Preston, and two young children get home, and the peace and quiet would soon turn into a bit of playful chaos as it does every day around this hour. The space is bright and thoughtfully curated, but this isn’t surprising as she, like her sister-in-law, April (yes—Tomlin; what a family!) has quite the eye for interior design. Below you’ll learn a bit more about what goes into Olivia’s daily life as she eloquently takes on Nashville as a real estate boss-lady, mother, and wife.


Photo: Jami-Lyn Fehr Hall | Olivia in her daily uniform: Veronica Beard blazer, The Row tee, and Frame jeans.


Profession: VP of Property & Design for GBT Realty Corporation, Founder of Envision Conference Center, and most importantly a mom!

Alarm is Set For: Haven’t set an alarm in years…my internal clock wakes me up about 6 am every morning.

Can’t Start Your Morning Without: Washing my face!

Breakfast Go-to: OWYN Chocolate Protein Shake.

Morning Beverage: Water!

Mornings Are Filled With: Workout with Klug Fitness, make breakfast for the kids, and get myself ready for work all before the kids wake up…after that it is madness!

Daily Uniform: Frame high waist jeans, The Row white T-shirt, Veronica Beard Blazer, Golden Goose Sneakers…I wear some version of this almost every day!

Healthiest Habit: Drink at least 8 bottles of water.

Wellness Essentials You Swear By: After my second baby I started using Nutrafol vitamins for my hair, they work!

The Candle You Love to Light: Lafco, Champagne…smells amazing…Nest Holiday for December-February!

When You Send Flowers, You Call: The White Orchid, love them!

Can’t Miss Podcast: I don’t follow any religiously…but when I find the time, I love my girl Mallory Ervin, or Heather McMahan.

Signature Lipstick: Not a lipstick girl, but love Jo Malone Mint & Ginger Lip.


3 Things You Love in Your Closet Right Now: 

  1. Ralph Lauren Tuxedo I have had for 2 years…waiting for an event to wear it to!
  2. Levi’s teddy bear coat I just purchased in the annual Nordstrom Sale.
  3. All of my boots, ready to start fall again!

You Never Leave Home Without: Phone & Sunglasses.

Current Mantra: Patience. Life brings new challenges every day but it’s important to have patience with yourself and with others. No one has it all figured out.

The Book on Your Bedside Table: Currently, 123 Magic…a parenting book recommended by my pediatrician (shout out to Dr. Keffer at Old Harding)!

Favorite Hotel for a Weekend Away: Out of Nashville, Montage Deer Valley…In Nashville, love the JW Marriot.

Foolproof Dinner Party Dish: Oven-Baked “Fried” Chicken with some type of homemade pasta dish…always a crowd pleaser!

Local Source for Home Items: White’s Mercantile for coffee table books, candles, blankets!

‘Deserted on an Island’ Beauty Essentials: Cerave Face wash, Elta Tinted Sunscreen, and my Joe Malone Lip. Got to keep moisturized. 

Playlist Right Now: This is going to sound crazy…but nothing! With 2 kids now and life going so fast…I actually love just riding in silence with nothing playing in the car. But if I had to answer…I would always pick anything John Mayer.

Photo: Jami-Lyn Fehr Hall | Olivia with her husband, Preston, and their two children.

Most Random Thing in Your Purse: One of those germ door openers that you can also push buttons with. An Instagram ad COVID purchase! Ha!

Favorite Place for an Unforgettable Family Vacation: Steamboat Springs, Colorado…my favorite home away from home and where I got married!

Go-to Order at Your Favorite Nashville Restaurant: E3 Steakhouse…Filet with all the sides. And the bananas foster cheesecake, you’ve got to try it. 

Exercise Regimen: Klug Fitness…they come to your home and bring everything!

Your To-do List Right Now: Get a manicure, write a cookbook, print new pictures of my kids.

Finding Calm: Pray constantly. I know that sounds cliché, but it works for me.

Best Advice You Have Ever Received: “Treat others how you want to be treated.” Sometimes the things you learn as a child really are the most important.

Most Challenging Aspect of Working in a Family Business: As a woman and the daughter of the CEO, I feel I have to work twice as hard as others to earn people’s respect for my work. At the end of the day, I feel so blessed to be able to work with my family. My mom & dad started GBT together 33 years ago, and it’s amazing to see what it has become. Proud daughter and proud employee for sure!

Maintaining Balance with Career and Family: I try to stay as organized as possible and separate the two. When I am with the kids, I am 100% with the kids. And then after they go to bed or when I am at the office, I am all work.

Favorite Way to Unwind After a Long Day: Kissing my babies goodnight and watching a movie with my husband and our sweet 12-year-old rescue dog, Dixie.