While countless business owners struggled to keep established companies alive during the uncertain times of the pandemic, a few young women are bravely launching new concepts in the city, including Jordon Petty. 

270 Media & Co. 

In February of 2020, Jordon quit her 9-to-5 agency job where she served as the Director of Digital Marketing and Strategy with a plan to “dive into artist management full-time to see where it would lead.” Then, the pandemic hit and like several industries, the music industry felt it deeply. With artists no longer able to tour or perform, the need for social media, content, or press of any kind felt futile. Jordon knew she needed to pivot in her pursuit of this endeavor, but wasn’t exactly sure what that looked like. “Candidly,” she said, “I kept shutting down the idea of owning my own media company out of fear and I give credit to my family and friends who constantly encouraged me to take this leap of faith.” As far as pushing forward, Jordon really didn’t have a choice. Despite any fears she had, she didn’t “have a plan B to fall back on” and didn’t focus on the negative. Jordon explains, “it would have been easy to focus on the fact that I am a woman on my own, and unemployed in a global pandemic without a clue on how to start a business. However, that wouldn’t get me very far.” 

Now that she’s on her feet, she’s found her happiness lies in choosing who she works with, and only chases projects she’s truly passionate about, including The Dry House, Music City Baseball, Ray Fulcher, Tyler and Hayley Hubbard, and more. The music world is where Jordon’s heart lies, and she can’t imagine a life or career in any other industry. Unique to the last few months, she’s helped artists focus on music videos and zoom events to capitalize on digital releases due to the restrictions on performances. She loves the hustle and the rollercoaster of emotions it yields and enjoys helping friends that are “chasing the neon rainbow” alongside her by bringing their visions to life. She moved to Nashville immediately after graduating from the University of Kentucky to pursue this career and “has never looked back.” Well, except for the fact her business name nods at her beloved hometown. After toying with what felt like over 100 names, she settled on ‘270’, the area code of the place she grew up in. To Jordon, “putting that in the forefront of what [she does] each day forces [her] to never forget where [she] came from.”


Header Image by Montgomery Lee Photography.