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Mattie Smith Carney is one of Nashville’s fashion authorities in the making as she takes on the roles of a buyer and manager for H. Audrey while simultaneously creating what will likely be a national brand before we know it: Disco Cowgirl. She welcomed the EDIT into her ideally located Cheekwood home and shared with us a bit of her story and daily routines.

Mattie (Smith) Carney found her love of fashion at a young age, looking to her mother for inspiration. Her mom, Frances, was a Renaissance woman. She dabbled in modeling, fox hunted and was the best dressed at The Hunt Ball (in Mattie’s opinion). Her dad has always joked that she has a black belt in shopping! Since going to school at the University of Alabama for fashion, it’s been Mattie’s dream to be a buyer and create her own brand— both of which she’s managed to do here in Nashville after a brief stint in New York. While working as the styling assistant to Christiev Alphin, Mattie, by fate, met Holly Williams as she was returning a pull for a music video shoot. Holly begged Mattie to work part-time, then quickly became the manager and is still there 9 years later. Shortly after marrying another Nashville local, Drew Carney, she created her clothing line, Disco Cowgirl, and the rest is history.


Profession: Manager & buyer for H. Audrey Boutique and the founder of Disco Cowgirl. 

Photo: Jami-Lyn Fehr Hall

Alarm is Set For: 7 AM. I’ve become more of a morning person in my old age *winks* I treasure this time! Most days my internal clock will wake me up before then, but if I’m not up by 7 then my whole morning routine is thrown off!

Can’t Start Your Morning Without: Reading Jesus Calling (my favorite devotional book). It helps set my perspective and mindset for the rest of the day. 

Breakfast Go-to: Recently it has been Whole Foods brand of blueberry frozen waffles. 

Morning Beverage: Black cold brew… gotta have my morning coffee! 

Mornings Are Filled With: Sitting on my porch!  I try to drink lemon water and celery juice before my coffee every morning, and so I love to sit out there while I down my fluids. It is a great atmosphere to read my devotional and mentally prepare for the day ahead.

Daily Uniform: It is always changing! The fun part about my job is that I get to creatively express myself through my clothes every day. One day I might wear a colorful floral dress by Zimmermann and the next day I might be in an all-black silk set by Anine Bing. I’ve been wanting to wear my Stetson black cowboy hat that I use in my Disco Cowgirl photoshoots to H. Audrey but I’m not sure how it would go over. The one constant is either sneakers or boots. ALL about comfort.

Healthiest Habit: I try to drink fruit and vegetable blend juice every day. The more ginger the better- love when it burns! Also, walking. I love a long walk through Percy Warner. Most of the time it is either with my dad or husband. I treasure this time, and it makes my heart so happy. I think it is just as beneficial emotionally as it is physically! 

Wellness Essentials You Swear By: Sugar Bear Hair Gummies! I get them at White’s Mercantile, H. Audrey’s sister store. My hair and nails grow like crazy when I take them. 

The Candle You Love to Light: I really can’t name just one! My top favorites are:

  1. Rose Noir&Woods and Suede&Smoke by Delirium (very potent- love these in big rooms).
  2. No. 04 Bois de Balincourt by Maison Louis Marie.
  3. Baies by Diptyque (love this in a powder room).

When You Send Flowers, You Call: Memma Warfield! Her business is called Flowers by Memma. She has the best taste in all the land! 

Can’t-Miss Podcast: I don’t listen to podcasts, but I really want to! On my list:

  1. Living Fully by Mallory Ervin
  2. Big Kid Problems by Sarah Merrill 
  3. Velvet’s Edge by Kelly Henderson 

Signature Lipstick LIPSTICK: Nude! I created my dream lipstick with Therapy Systems. The shade is called “Mattie”. Going to shamelessly promote it. You can buy it online at discocowgirl.com or in-store at Cosmetic Market and Private Edition. It is a soft pink nude with a satin creme finish.

3 Things You Love In Your Closet Right Now:

  1. My mom’s Hermes belt from the 80’s
  2. An Ulla Johnson vintage-inspired brown and yellow floral gown that I got for Swan Ball this year, and didn’t get to wear obviously due to COVID. I keep staring at it hoping life goes back to normal soon! 
  3. A cream fleece sweatsuit by XiRENA that I’ve been living in! It is embarrassing how much I have worn this thing.

 You Never Leave Home Without: Peppermint oil! It is a lifesaver if you get car sick. When we are in New York for the market we slather ourselves with it when we are getting in and out of the back seat of cabs. I’ll also rub it on my temples to relieve headaches. 

The Book On Your Bedside Table: The New Southern by Alyssa Rosenheck. I’m still trying to read it from cover to cover. It is taking me a while because I keep staring at the pictures and soaking it all in. I’m very inspired by it!

Local Source for Home Items: White’s Mercantile, G&G Interiors, and Corzine & Co.

Favorite Hotel for a Weekend Away: I mean if we are talking dream weekend then Le Sirenuse in Positano. It is where I got engaged to my husband and is one of my favorite spots in the world. Locally, The Graduate. I’m dying to go to their rooftop bar, White Limozeen. Love all things, Dolly! 

Foolproof Dinner Party Dish: A cheese board is about all I can contribute. There is not much that I love more than cheese, olives, and prosciutto. I usually leave the rest to Charles from The Salted Table. He is my foolproof dinner party dish- haha!

Designer Obsessions: Anine Bing, forte_forte, Ralph Lauren, RE/DONE, and Zimmermann.

‘Deserted on an Island’ Beauty Essentials: 

  1. Thayers witch hazel toner
  2. Sisley eye cream 
  3. Nail file 

On Your Playlist Right Now: I’ve been listening to a lot of John Prine. 

Most Random Thing in Your Purse: Tweezers… we all know that car lighting is the best!

G0-to Order at Your Favorite Nashville Restaurant: I have loved SATCO (San Antonio Taco Company) forever. I get two bean and cheese soft tacos with a side of queso and chips. It is the best Tex-Mex Nashville has to offer. My mouth is watering thinking about it! My other long time favorite is Sperry’s. My go-to order is shrimp cocktail, 6oz bacon-wrapped filet, sides: creamed spinach and twice baked potato, and their famous salad bar. Their homemade green goddess dressing is usually spilling off my salad plate. Oh, and a Brandy Alexander to cap off the meal. 

Exercise Regimen: Stretching and a foam roller!! That is about the extent of my exercise regimen. After running around on my feet all day it is very hard to get motivated to go to any fitness class, but my favorites are Pure Barre and hot yoga. 

Your To-do List Right Now: Sort through my closet and donate what I don’t need, post a tutorial on Disco Cowgirl’s website on how I cut the tee’s so people can customize theirs at home, cut my husband’s hair (I’ve become his barber this year).

Current Mantra: The best is yet to come! 

Finding Calm: Remembering that I’m not in charge. My dad always says, “If you want to make God laugh- tell him what you plan to do tomorrow.”

Favorite Place for an Unforgettable Vacation: Palm Beach! It doesn’t get much better than sunbathing at The Breakers Hotel, shopping on Worth Avenue, and eating at Ta-boo and Buccan.

Best Advice You Have Ever Received: “Anything can be carried to the extreme. Everything in moderation.” – My Grandmother, Alice “Always be kind.” – My Mom, Frances

Unwinding After a Long Day: I get a lot of use out of my soaking tub! I love a hot bath with Epsom salt and my instant facial masque by Goop.

Process Behind Creating Your Own Brand: On my to-do list for market one season was to find a cool graphic t-shirt line for H.Audrey that wasn’t music-related. Sometimes a customer would feel like a poser wearing a Pink Floyd band tee when they couldn’t name a Pink Floyd song. I couldn’t find anything that I was in love with, so I just decided to make it! I majored in Fashion at The University of Alabama, and it had always been a dream of mine besides being a buyer. I wanted to capture the Nashville girl’s lifestyle in the brand. I was raised on a horse farm. I watched my beautiful mother get dirty with the horses, and simultaneously grace the cover of Town & Country Magazine in a formal gown. I feel like the Nashville girl is just that- she can do both. We all have a little bit of disco and a little bit of cowgirl in us! I love the juxtaposition of it. 

Top Pick From Your Collection: That is like naming a favorite child! I really can’t say, but it is hard to beat the new Rodeo Queen Collection. 

Recent Inspiration: I’m always gaining inspiration. Everything from music to a movie character, to a campaign I see on Instagram or in a fashion magazine, to my childhood, to my friends! Recently I was really inspired by a Navajo Western blanket. I loved the print and colors! The wheels started turning… 

What is Up Next: I’m working with a new manufacturer based in LA. It has taken over a year of shipping samples back and forth, but we have perfected the fabric, fit, and colors. I’m really excited about this new collection of tees, hoodies, and sweatpants that are coming soon!

Something in Your Closet You Will Own Forever: A long emerald green dress by Lanvin that I wore in my engagement photos. I hope I have at least one daughter that I can pass it down to!