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This uber-talented “it girl” has stepped into her own lane with a number of chart-topping songs since winning season 4 of NBC’s The Voice. If you are wanting to get in the holiday spirit a little early this year, the songstress recently released her beautiful cover of “O Holy Night”– a must add to your playlist. We caught up with her this week as she shared her go-to Nashville spots, Netflix obsession (we too are guilty of binge-watching Emily in Paris), wellness essentials, and the one thing she can’t leave home without!


Profession: Country Artist.

You Can’t Start Your Morning Without: Starbucks coffee.

Breakfast Go-to: Breakfast burrito.

Daily Uniform: Sweatpants, T-shirt, and some type of long comfy sweater.

Healthiest Habit: Drinking lots of water!

Wellness Essentials: Vitamin C for the immune system. I usually take some CBD oil and Magnesium Glycinate in the evening or to end my day because they’re relaxing supplements and since I deal with migraines, they assist with easing any inflammation, etc.

Best Style and Beauty Tip: Sweatpants can go with high heels or high heel boots! It’s the best go-to for me. As for beauty, ALWAYS take off your make up before bed or wipe your face from excess build-up you’ve had from your day!

Signature Scent: Le Labo’s scent Santal 33 perfume.

3 Things You Love in Your Closet Right Now: My Donna Karen blue and black coat, my Ranch Road Kendall black cowboy boots, and my Dickies Girl cropped jacket and matching work pants.

Photo by Ford Fairchild

You Never Leave Home Without: Chapstick.

On Your Bedside Table: A candle for the vibe, Himalayan salt lamp, and my essential oils… all the good vibes before bed!

Date Night: My boyfriend and I are usually pretty chill. We make dinner at home and watch a movie or we’ll go to our favorite Italian place, Maggiano’s!

Favorite Hotel for a Weekend Away: Petit Ermitage in West Hollywood, CA.

Go-To Order at Your Favorite Nashville Restaurant: I’m not much of a try-new-places type of gal, so there’s a Maggiano’s in Nashville, and my go-to order is the angel hair pasta with meat sauce and ALL their bread!

Afternoon Snack: I cut up an apple and dip it in Nutella.

Hero Skincare Product: Cetaphil has been saving me lately!

Nashville Spots: My go-to food spots are Edley’s Bar-B-Que, BarTaco, and North Italia. For shopping, anywhere on 12 South or of course Green Hills Mall. The best spa I’ve been to so far is the Omni Spa which is in the Omni Hotel. There are so many cool spots in Nashville!

Netflix Series: So far it’s Outer Banks and Emily in Paris.

3 ‘Deserted on an Island’ Beauty Essentials: Chapstick, Moroccan hair oil, and an exfoliating glove (big fan of those).

Song on Repeat: Right now it’s “Popstar” by DJ Khalid ft. Drake.

Signature Lipstick: Red!

Currently Obsessed With: I’m currently obsessed with my Revlon Brush Hair Dryer…it’s amazing and easy!

On Your To-Do List Right Now: Get back to working out, get my nails done, and record more Stairwell Sessions for y’all!

Finding Calm: I love my baths. I’m a huge fan of Epsom salt which I believe is very calming. I love hot teas and watching a funny or feel-good movie!

The Candle You Love to Light: Glade Pine Wonderland or anything similar since it’s seasonal.

Staying Active: It’s not easy! Staying in a routine is definitely a challenge because I’ll be honest, I can get lazy. When I’m in a groove for abs I do: sitting twist, reverse crunches, knee to elbow, and plank rolls. Overall, I use weights because I want to build muscle, but that’s not for everyone and just what I find best for my body. Do whatever routines fit best for you!

Advice You Will Never Forget: There’s not just one thing. I hold and remember the ongoing things that my mom and family always tell me, and that’s to have Faith, have patience, and dream big. There are so many other things but those are the main things that I continue to remind myself.

Hobbies: I love going to hip hop class, I love to dance. I love boxing (great workout). I love horseback riding whenever I can. And those are just some. I’m always down for an adventure. I love being outdoors!

Perfect day off: Going and getting my iced coffee, taking my dog to the dog park, get a little stretch in because stretching is super good for you and just gets your body moving. And I’m usually a homebody, I’ll pick up around my place because sometimes it’s oddly satisfying feeling clean and lighting a candle. I’ll put on Food Network and just relax!

Something in your closet you will own forever: My grandmother’s coat jacket that will always be in style.

Reminisce (we miss concerts): Going down memory lane… I performed at the House of Blues in Houston and it was special because that’s in my hometown and my family was able to be there. It was awesome.

“I hold and remember the ongoing things that my mom and family always tell me, and that’s to have Faith, have patience, and dream big.”

— Danielle Bradbury

Creative process: Nowadays it’s tough for everyone. One way I get creative is listening to music. Any genre, new or throwbacks, I just listen to get inspired. And what keeps me motivated are my fans. These slow times…it makes me frustrated but I use that frustration to create. It goes in waves for me but there’s a lot to be motivated by.

Dream collaborations: So many! Carrie Underwood, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Shania Twain… the list goes on!

Holiday tradition: I usually go home to Texas for the holidays and one tradition that we keep up with is every Christmas morning we have Tamales for breakfast because my grandmother would make them from scratch when she was still here. It’s a Mexican dish that’s one of my favorites and reminds me of home!

Exciting news?: Yes! Always creating and trying to come up with new and exciting things for everyone. I’ve been doing covers in my stairwell called “Stairwell Sessions” that we’ll have more of! I’m working on new music and on top of it all, I’m trying to get good at TikTok (haha)!