Well, friends, here we are. 2020 is almost rolling off into a cloud of dust we’ll never see again, and even though I’m done with her, I’m going out in 2020 with a bang. Life is too short not to enjoy champagne and red lipstick. And after all, she taught us to slow down, be thankful for what we have, and enjoy the simplicity of life. And we did. So technically, she wasn’t that bad, right?

Here’s the deal. We’ve learned a thing or two in quarantine, like how to cook every day and that walking outside and staring at the magnolia trees is riveting – when you haven’t been able to go anywhere for months but the perimeter of your property.

As the fog lifted and we began to venture out, covid cases went up, and turmoil ensued, and the news got worse, and our feeds became political warfare.

So, here we are. And as much as I wanted to cry every day over homeschooling three children and missing my California family, we are at the end of the most challenging year ever. Like, ever. So, I’ll be grabbing some champagne, toasting to what’s ahead, and instead of making the usual resolutions, I’ve compiled a list of seven things I’m looking forward to doing in this brand-new year. Things that will make my heart go boom. Keyword: boom.



How much do you appreciate a walk at Radnor Lake? Or a stroll in 12South? The art of doing nothing was fun for a while. But getting out of the house is my 2021 resolution. To museums (like the captivating Frist), and the resurrection of music events actually inside venues like the historic Ryman Auditorium where we will actually mingle while wearing lipstick…now that is so 2021.



So yes, we ventured to a few patios here and there, and maybe we even sat inside a restaurant like RH Cafe in Green Hills a couple of times, but it was all so awkward and not normal. We made the best of it. A round of margaritas and tacos with friends inside Bartaco or Saint Anejo near other humans doing the same is beyond uplifting. It’s a brand new year.… so please sign me up!



One of my most favorite activities for the heart and the mind and body is hot yoga. There’s just certain magic I feel on the mat. A release. A calming. A rebirth, if you will. I used to frequent Core Power Yoga often, but since Covid hit, and I’ve been home with the kids indefinitely (sigh). Plus, studios closed indefinitely, then reopened, then closed again. I’m certainly looking forward to hitting the magic on the mat along with other yogis. A good sweat sans masks awaits me, and I am so ready.



Take me anywhere. Truly. I miss traveling the most. In fact, it’s my number one since day one. With my immediate family to the West Coast or Hawaii, with besties from the West Coast to the East Coast and across the pond in Europe….I’m ready. Dust off my passport!



I’ve performed for thousands. I remember the rush. I still don’t know how all the performers worldwide have managed to sustain their minds and their incomes with no ability to use their gifts. It’s mind-blowing. It’s heartbreaking. But the music didn’t die; it just paused. Our little music row community and phenomenal roster of talent are not going anywhere, mark my words. And when we can step into an arena again and sing the songs out loud, I’ll be in the front row singing at the top of my lungs. That’s guaranteed.



Not gonna lie, I love cinema more than just about anything. And yes, Netflix has changed our lives this 2020 and the game of filmmaking in general, but I’m an old-fashioned lover of some popcorn and a sappy love story. Going to the movies with friends, with lovers, and with your kids is seemingly a thing of the past. And I pray this doesn’t stick. I have adored going to the theater ever since I was a child and saw “Annie” in a real Hollywood movie theater. And I don’t ever want that magic dust to settle.



I’m a hugger. I love the art of hugging. Of touch. Of connection. Don’t we all? And it’s been quite the year distancing ourselves so far we can’t even touch. I haven’t seen my parents in almost a year, and I feel like the moment I get to see them in person, I won’t ever let go. And maybe that’s the lesson. Perhaps we were meant to appreciate the real art of connection. I certainly have, and I’m ready for all the connections I can get in 2021.


Here’s to us. To you, to me, and everyone near and far. May we walk into this new year wiser, kinder, and more hopeful than ever. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. Happy New Year, friends!