Local makers and guru’s are creating genius products that boost your immune system, energy levels and overall health. Below, I listed my top picks to stay well this winter.


Immune Formulation 200/ProImmune

If there is a single thing that I won’t skip in the morning, it’s a dose of this powerfully effective powder designed by Dr. Laura Lile and Lile Wellness Partners. If you didn’t get a chance to read about her accolades and advances in fighting disease and illness through functional medicine in our print edition, you can find out all of the details here. This master antioxidant actually increases your body’s own production of Glutathione, which is crucial to fending off any bug or virus and making your entire body stronger year-round.  You can pick it up at the Franklin offices or order online for fast delivery. This season, I’m taking up to 3 doses a day just to be diligent. Simple steps, significant benefits!


Ancient Nutrition

There’s not much I don’t love about this line of health-minded products from the Williamson County-based wellness gurus. While you can find a lengthy description of top products in our most recent issue’s feature, it’s also simple to jump on Instagram and follow @draxe – where the local expert shares tips, recipes, and overall healthy living insight with his 700k+ followers daily.


Belly Bee Goods

If there’s one thing parents have been concerned with more than ever this past year, it’s keeping their families safe and healthy. So, it makes sense that a completely natural and organic boutique product line was created by a savvy mom of 3 in Hendersonville. The Elderberry Elixir is a solid source for all ages looking to boost their defense against winter colds and viruses (we like to add it to our smoothies!). The real star in the line favored by Edit team members is the loose herbal tea blend packed with all sorts of naturally healing properties.


Daily Crunch Snacks

There’s no doubt that diet impacts everything about your health, from your energy level to skin and even your mental capacity. Fortunately, one passionate local group is whipping up healthy snacks that we actually want to eat with the added bonus of a non-profit mission behind the brand. If you’ve ever thrown all of those good intentions to soak your raw, organic nuts, seeds, and berries (we see you, Goop followers!) because it feels like too much of a hassle, this is the brand you need in your life. All types of natural flavors and sprouted for you. No mess, no waiting, no work. Mini bags for the car or office and big ones to share at home. Loaded with nutrition, they are guilt-free and designed to fuel your body with what it needs to stay in top condition. You can order straight from the website or Amazon, but to support even more local retail, I suggest getting the nutty goodness from Turnip Truck, Produce Place, or any Pure Barre, or I Love Juice Bar location.


ALSO Organics

While there have been quite a few posts about CBD-related products and businesses via writers for Edit, I have to admit that ingesting it has never really worked for me, at least not in any kind of measurable way. I have friends who swear by their tinctures, drops, or gummies, but me not so much. But the one CBD product I absolutely love is the 1000mg skin balm by locally founded ALSO Organics. It is the most impactful topical I’ve used to heal broken, cracked skin around my nails and fingers for relief from this year of overdosing on harsh sanitizers. It’s also my go-to for keeping chapped lips at bay, especially in cold weather.