We’re nearing a year of “temporarily” working from home, and while I’m growing used to rolling out of bed and shuffling to my home office, the whole not getting ready like I would if I was leaving my home aspect continues to take a toll on my day-to-day confidence and headspace. However, I find when I take the time to dress up my work-from-home look just a little bit, spend a little extra time on my morning skincare, and do something more than solely brush my hair, I feel and work better throughout the day. Here, I’ve highlighted a few staples to make sure you have in your closet so you can successfully nail the WFH look with confidence and comfort. Hint: It tends to work a little like a mullet—business on top, and party on the bottom. But by party, I mean cashmere sweatpants, because no one is partying until further notice.


Blaze(r) of Glory

A good blazer should be in everyone’s wardrobe, WFH or not, however, it can be hard to come by. For me, the perfect work from home blazer is either unstructured or very lightly structured so what you have underneath doesn’t feel constricted or tight in any way. It can be single or double-breasted, depending on the fit you’re desiring. For me, I want it a bit oversize, so I can comfortably wear a t-shirt underneath in the warmer months, but a sweatshirt underneath in the cooler months. A blazer dresses up anything. Find it in Nashville:


Casual Cashmere

Virtually any silhouette can be elevated if it’s made of cashmere. It’s got a noticeably softer drape than most other knit fabrics, and instantly has a more put-together appearance. For example, take a crewneck sweatshirt and sweatpant set. One made of cotton can be cute and comfortable, but can take a bit more effort to dress up. Sport a cashmere version, and all you need to do is pair it with that blazer we just talked about and a chunky statement necklace, and you’re more than ready for your next Zoom meeting. Find it in Nashville:


Drip in Gold

After all, Zoom calls only reveal your outfit from the ribs up, so why not invest in some new everyday jewelry to elevate your cashmere sweats another notch. Layering chains of a differing lengths can be a great way to make a statement while also being able to sport more than one of your favorite pendants, or you can opt for one, larger link chain that sits around the collarbone to add something more eye-catching to the neckline of your WFH look. Find it in Nashville: