After weeks of strict quarantine and an obsession with hand washing and sanitizing, we are finally dipping our toes into the social waters again. Yes, it’s with a mask and for some even gloves on the daily. While we are all about staying safe and protected, it’s a fact that some of the measures to do so can wreak havoc on our face, hands, and bodies.

The pandemic has introduced a number of new and very frustrating beauty and wellness issues. While we certainly hope these safety routines ease up sooner rather than later, it’s looking like society may be affected for quite some time, leaving us to endure the new normal. At least for now (and probably for months to come), staying covered up and sanitized is a fact of life. To make this more pleasant, we have a few suggestions to help provide relief for anyone suffering from frustrating issues resulting from following protocol.

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Dry, Cracked or Chapped Hands

All that alcohol-based hand cleanser has taken its toll on our hands and nails. Lotions can be a little tricky as so many of us are constantly using our smartphones and laptops which doesn’t work well with slick or greasy fingers. Finding a solid hand cream and being religious about the application when not typing away (and especially overnight) can truly make a difference. We like

Chanel Hand Crème that you can pick up at Dillard’s at The Mall at Green HillsWhile cream helps, being choosy with your cleansing agents is equally important. Stop by Pure Sweat + Float Studio for curbside pick-up from their collection of Marianella hand sanitizers. Stock up and thank us later!

Poppy and Monroe’s newest service, the Wellness Manicure caters to those who are experiencing dry, chapped hands due to increased frequent washing and drying hand sanitizers. The service includes an organic scrub to whisk away dead skin and a plant-based paraffin treatment to soothe, heal, and rejuvenate. For females, we love adding the Dazzle Dry Polish to extend the length of your mani.


Nutrient Know-How

Start with your nutrition and consistently load up on greens and fresh, organic greens and vegetables for a baseline defense. Common sense that so many of us don’t prioritize. It’s also time to get versed on vitamins and little helpers for extra defense. We like the multi-vitamins and probiotics (it all starts in the gut, right?) from Ancient Nutrition as well as the Green Powders and Magnesium or Vitamin C offerings from the selection at Lemon Laine.


For an in-depth nutrient dose, we like Arete. They offer in-office as well as concierge (at home) intravenous services tailored to meet individual needs to give your immune system a serious boost. A quick and simple 30-minute injection performed by highly-skilled, state-licensed Registered Nurse, this route is the quickest way to deliver fluid and vitamins to the body with 100% absorption into the bloodstream. Nervous about needles? No worries. A numbing agent is injected into the site prior to IV placement to ensure total comfort. We recommend the Beauty IV bag which promotes glowing skin, enhances cellular health, fights acne, prevents wrinkles and protects and repairs skin, and the Total Wellness IV bag. This includes a combination of the highest doses of vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants to maximize mental and physical health.


Mask- Induced Skin Trouble- Solved

Our newest accessory creates a micro-climate which can lead to bacterial infections and breakouts coupled with dehydration. With oil and sweat building up under the mask, your skin is more susceptible to rashes, inflammation, and breakouts. This is especially true in hot weather as we are all steaming up our sunglasses as we breathe under our masks.

Initially, the pandemic and lockdown created an incredible improvement in their skin as many of us finally had time for the 12-step routine and skipped cosmetics. Even without the makeup layers, stress has proven to be a major factor contributing to breakouts. It can also prevent adequate blood flow to the skin – leading to a grey, dull complexion. To combat all of the issues, start with keeping skin clean, clear, and unclogged. We like these clarifying pads from Skin Pharm as well as all of these products. Another hero product is this Biologique Recherche- p50 lotion available at Complexion.

Now that our favorite skincare centers have reopened, booking an appointment for professional care is possible again for those who want to get serious about care and prevention. Choose from treatments such as light chemical peels from Elan Skin, Skin Pharm, or Maxwell Aesthetics. We also know women with glowing complexions who swear by the high frequency, extractions and glow facial from Karee Hays Esthetics.


Immune Support Boost

As mentioned above, increased anxiety takes a dramatic toll on our wellness. Your lymphatic system has many critical functions including protecting your body from illness-causing invaders, removing cellular waste, maintaining body fluid levels, and absorbing digestive tract fats. Boosting your lymphatic system function is critical in times like these. At home, you can stay on track with regular exercise, dry brushing skin, meditation, eating raw foods, and avoiding tight clothing, Drinking lemon water also helps. While there are a number of ways to detox your lymphatic system, these are a few of our favorite local treatments.


  • The Gua Sha Facial

This facial treatment involves scraping a flat jade or rose quartz stone over the skin in upward strokes to relax stiff muscles and promote tissue drainage. The motion moves lymphatic fluids and breaks down tension in muscles – leading to improved blood flow and less puffiness. Treatments not only help with immunity but in preventing and treating the signs of premature aging—namely in the appearance of wrinkles, dark eye circles, and puffiness, and sagging and dull-looking skin. The increase in circulation is said to up hydration for that coveted youthful glow, and it even helps the skin to naturally purge blemish-causing dirt and oils.

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  • Acupuncture

This ancient process is well-known for moving and balancing the lymphatic system, it’s one of the only modalities that can focus directly on the Qi and blood of the Spleen, which is our largest lymphatic organ.  We also believe that stress plays a huge part in the potential stagnating energy of the lymphatic system, so acupuncture can also address stress in the whole body and the Qi flow of the liver as well.  One of the interesting things about lymph is, unlike blood, there’s no pump. It relies on relaxation and contraction of muscles and joints to move it, so the lymphatic system can get sluggish and easily stagnant.  When it becomes overwhelmed, it can lead to impaired immunity, cellulite, edema, chronic pain, fatty deposits, sinusitis, and upper respiratory issues.  As you can see it’s super important to keep this system moving and acupuncture is an amazing treatment.


  • Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

There are various viral videos of supermodels that swear by this treatment. The before and afters are incredible with a major reduction in abdominal bloat. LDT is an advanced therapy in which the therapist works at skin level using a very light touch, working in a circular and rhythmic manner with precise hand movements, pressure, and sequences to encourage lymphatic flow, removing congestion and stagnation from the body. While the exact amount of pressure applied depends on the area and pathology involved, it averages an extremely light five grams or the weight of a nickel. Using this gentle pressure, trained therapists are able to detect the specific rhythm, direction, depth, and quality of the lymph flow. The movements follow the body’s natural lymphatic pathways and watersheds.