A Beauty Break

One of the things we’ve realized in the new (almost) normal is that some simple habits such as popping in and out of random places for basic services are no longer part of the regular routine. After months of either letting things like nail care fall into the ‘who cares’ category, as shuffling into a spot that feels somewhat assembly line in approach isn’t something to look forward to and even seems like a bit of a hassle to most after skipping out on what we once thought as a necessary practice for maintenance. 

With things opening up and the possibility of being in the public eye more often becoming a reality quickly, we are searching for things that help take care of neglected upkeep and offer some self-love and joy in the process. In this search for the perfect combination, our team decided that an afternoon at Germantown’s quaint but highly reputable Poppy & Monroe for a little bonding and beauty in an atmosphere that we knew would be safe, clean, and welcoming.



A New Kind of Nail Experience

This little converted house in the heart of a historic neighborhood is like a sanctuary, but one that comes with the bonus of targeted treatments for an instant boost serving self-care seekers. Exceeding our expectations for the visit, a few team members were quickly escorted to the backyard garden space where they could enjoy some sunshine while their nails were buffed to perfection.

Poppy Monroe signage

I had the Classic Pedicure with Dazzle Dry. I was a little skeptical about getting a pedicure without a pre-soak (the process that Poppy and Monroe utilizes for both water conservation and to decrease the chance of infection). I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t miss   the H20 – instead, a lovely botanical spray and lavender body crème were used to soften my feet. – Lacey Keally

I had the Classic Manicure with Dazzle Dry. I love the vibe here after a friend obsessed with the place suggested I try it a few years ago. Since then, it’s hard to go back to my “quicky” manicure stops. I like the dazzle dry polish because it’s not super thick like gel. My go-to color is a light grey, which is a color but neutral. Devin did my manicure and was terrific (and I’m not just partial to her name). – Devan Brown

I also chose a Classic Manicure with Dazzle Dry. I’ve always wanted to visit, but it has always been hard to get an appointment because they are so popular. I was really excited to finally find out what the hype was about. Having the treatment in the garden with gorgeous weather felt like a super-luxe treat. – Courtney Kivel

As a newcomer to the area (via Chicago), I was happy to find this cute place. I loved the happy, cool interiors and being pampered in the garden. The 5-minute dry manicure held to its promise, which is fantastic! – Danell Drazek

While my teammates were outside, I chose to try one of the specialty skincare/facial treatments (more on those details later). The room was so cozy and the treatment beyond relaxing. I was so zoned out I didn’t realize that my shirt was on inside out and backwards until I was making purchases in the retail area. I haven’t been that calm in ages! – Stacie Standifer


A Natural Approach

When Karen Kops opened the shop, she focused on healing, natural products, and processes that soothe and pamper and deliver results. The non-toxic lines that they use and offer for sale are carefully curated, including highly reputable products from natural, clean-beauty brands such as Aila and Tata Harper. They avoid using pedicure tubs, which Karen says are hard to keep sanitary (no matter where you go, just fyi!) and practice completely safe care in every aspect of the business. These foundation principles, the charming house atmosphere and the efficient but laid-back team of therapists have made Poppy & Monroe wildly popular with celebrities and clean beauty devotees across the city and beyond.