Overcast afternoons, rainy nights and chilly days call for places that beckon with rich interiors, comforting fare and of course, uplifting libations.Being closed in due to rainy weather isn’t something any of us are looking forward to. This year that is especially true, as so many of us have been isolated for far too long. Just because cold winds and precipitation are in the forecast doesn’t mean you have to hibernate at home. There are a few places we believe are especially suited for the season.  From fireplaces to fabrics – these spots are at the top of our list on where to cozy up in the months ahead. 



Enjoying the famous Café Sperry’s (their version of an Irish Coffee) in the bar with the fireplace roaring is a winter tradition we never miss. The original Belle Meade location and the Sperry’s Cool Springs both have a warm vibe for the coldest days.



If the roads aren’t too slippery, bundle up and head out of town to this quaint, mystical community for an authentic escape that’s sure to warm you up. The Spa at Leiper’s Fork is situated in a historic house filled with rich, pleasing scents and lighting that encourages instant relaxation. After a warming massage, head to 1892 for handmade gnocchi and the ultimate roasted root vegetables.



When working downtown between appointments with a little time to kill, this is the first place we think of on rainy or cold mornings. A continual burning fire, comfy sofas, and dark wood make it the perfect weekday hideout. 



Take the short staircase to the lower level of The Hermitage Hotel and forget about the hustle and bustle outside. Leave your coat and the door and snuggle up into plush leather seats for classic cocktails and stellar wines by the glass. 



Even in the new location, Valentino’s is still a go-to for a quiet, warming glass of red or intimate Italian meal for date night. We also love it for Friday lunch with friends.



Slip into one of the velvet-covered chairs and get ready for hot, delicious coffee blends in this Wedgewood Houston neighborhood gem. Bring your laptop and get ready to hunker down in the perfect winter-day hangout.



The curtain blocking the entrance is heavy enough to stop any chilling winds from getting inside this craft-cocktail haven just off of Music Row. It’s also where bartenders can work magic with ‘hot toddy’ type concoctions to knock out colds and soothe that sore throat. 



A seat at the bar’s curve in this modern Italian eatery is possibly the warmest place in town. Roaring pizza ovens (you can actually feel the heat on your face) just behind the bar draw us here for drinks and have us lingering through dinner. Group tables on the floor are also near open fireplaces – so there’s not a cold seat in the house!



This Sylvan Park institution has always felt instantly soothing. Dark wood, comfort food favorites, and closely set tables are all part of the mix that make Park the perfect place for happy hour or dinner, especially when it’s dark and freezing outside. 



Candlelight, exposed brick walls, and indulgent pasta dishes combine for a relaxing night out no matter how low the temperature drops outside. Bring a couple of friends (and your appetite), grab a booth, and settle in for a delicious experience. 



The historic buildings housing some of the district’s most upscale restaurants are far from drafty. Modern equipment and utilities keep hotspots such as Cork & Cow and Red Pony toasty for patrons throughout the season. 

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Live music, bold cabernet, and big steaks are just part of the reason we love E3 for escaping dreary weather. Head upstairs for a bit of people watching along and forget about the forecast. The scene is always on the hot side in this happening steakhouse in Hillsboro Village.