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This husband and wife power couple have reversed the traditional gender roles in their once side hustle turned profession. Brice is an interior designer, Brooke is a home builder, and together their after-work hobby has turned into a successful design-build team. While still maintaining their day jobs, Brooke is a Biopharmaceutical Sales Rep and Brice is an Orthodontist, their ingenuity caught the eyes of Chip and Joanna Gaines and soon they’ll be starring in their very own renovation series on the Magnolia Network, Making Modern with Brooke and Brice”.  


How Did You Become Interested In, Well, All Of Your Professions:

Brice: I knew I wanted to be a doctor that could positively impact people’s self-esteem and life, so becoming an orthodontist made so much sense. Designing is something that I’ve always been passionate about and gives me that creative outlet I think everyone needs.

Brooke: I enjoy promoting something that positively affects people’s lives, especially when it comes to their health; I’ve been in pharma sales since I graduated college. As a builder, I’ve always been extremely creative and am constantly making something, so when people started approaching me to make items for them or renovate their space, it just made sense!

Describe Your Home In 3 Words: Modern, Livable, Welcoming

Most Splurge-worthy Item In Your Home: Modpool and oversized refrigerator

Your Ideal Day Spent At Home:

Brooke: Building or Crafting—basically making a creative mess.

Brice: Music as loud as it goes, organizing the refrigerator or drawers.

Thing Your Most Proud Of In Your Home:

Brooke: Our new pergola!! I’ve been wanting one for years!

Brice: Brooke, she’s really amazing.

Best Kept Trade Secret:

Brooke: Pre-plan, plan and plan some more! Mid-construction changes can be expensive and negatively affect your overall budget—then concessions must be made, and building leaves a bad taste in your mouth when it should be SO fun!

Brice: Take your time to furnish your spaces and find meaningful décor pieces. It will add layers of design and be a genuine reflection of you!

Biggest Challenge In Your Profession: Breaking down stereotypes of the woman being the designer and the man being the builder.

What’s One Thing Every Home Should Have: Live plants: it adds so much life to the home! And hidden elements —like a hidden door or hidden storage.

Favorite Home Scent: We love our friend, Tyrone Carreker’s 27.9 Fragrance candles—Citrus and Ylang for the spring/summer and Black Currant and Suede for the fall/winter.

Biggest Design/Build Inspiration: The Stahl House or the Fallingwater House—they are both examples of incredible architecture that have a sense of timeless simplicity.

Biggest Design/Build Colab/ or person you’d love to design/build for:

Brice: Justin Timberlake, big fan

Brooke: Dolly Parton!! Love her unique style

One Thing You Always Leave For Guests: GooGoo Bars (since they’re made in Nashville) and a new toothbrush – Obviously.

Things You Love in Your Closet Right Now:

Brooke: My Dyson blowdryer

Brice: My sneaker collection

Local Source for Home Items: Flora and Bate’s Nursery. We love plants!!

Your Playlist Right Now: Breland, Sam Hunt, Hamilton Soundtrack, Frank Sinatra

What Gets The Most Compliments In Your Home: The View



How Do You Get Creative:

Brice: For each project I make a custom playlist to get the creativity flowing.

Brooke: I’m always creative, but it takes me clearing my mind of SO many creative ideas to focus on what needs to be completed. So I make another to-do list, ha!

Most Looking Forward To:  The launch of our show: Making Modern with Brooke and Brice on the Magnolia Network and Discovery+ on September 10th.

One Thing You Would Change In Your Home: Two separate living room spaces, one for the guys and one for the girls.

Best Design Tip:  Don’t get all your furniture and décor from one store; mix brands and pieces to make your space individualized. Don’t forget to throw in trinkets and tchotchkes you’ve had for years and layer over time.

Biggest Builder Tip:  Make sure things are straight, square, and plumb before moving to the next step. Prep-work is absolutely key; it will make everything easier moving forward and the final result will be better because of it.