We all know how hot this past July was, with temperatures soaring above the mid-90s, humidity that caused us to make multiple appointments with Dry House each week, and AC’s cranking so loudly that we can’t hear our own thoughts. Ah, summer.

Yet, remember that rare day in July where the heatwave let up just a bit, allowing us to finally walk outside to a refreshing breeze, sunny skies and ability to not sweat our makeup off? That day will forever sum up “summer” in my book, because I—along with the rest of the Edit team—spent that lovely afternoon outside on L27‘s rooftop, underneath a pretty cabana, sipping on pink champagne and living our best lives that afternoon. The best part? We have it all documented for you in our Field Trip series.

As you well know by now, we at the Edit make it a point to go out and experience the best of Nashville, in order to give you an authentic look into the new happenings around town. We’ve dined at some of Music City’s top restaurants, participated in adventurous bar games, and even doused our skin in oil from Lemon Laine.

On this field trip in particular, we happened to truly luck out. The weather was perfect, allowing for each of us to make our way to the Westin for a 4 o’clock cocktail and an array of utterly delicious food. It was one of those days where you succumb to the good vibes and reschedule the analytics meeting for the following morning.



Alaina, who takes the photos when we go on these Field Trips, doesn’t get the luxury of relaxing in the same way the rest of us do. While we are sipping our cocktails and taking a moment to relax, she’s usually snapping photos of the setup. Although we rarely find our talented girl indulging in a cocktail of any kind, we were thrilled to see her finally rest and sip some champagne with a smile on her face.

While Alaina’s favorite part may have been the bubbles, gluten-free Kimberly thoroughly enjoyed the Jerk Grilled Octopus, and Lacey was snacking on the Chimichurri Flatbread and addicting Spicy Waffle Fries. I, on the other hand, was completely content with the Local Cheese Board (and fine, maybe a handful of those waffle fries).

Though I had to dip out early and make my way to a photoshoot for our Fall issue (coming out in mid-September), I left my colleagues in good company. With a table full of snacks, a bucket of champagne and the summer air just chilly enough for a light jacket, there wasn’t any other place we would rather have spent that perfect afternoon in Nashville.