Summer in Nashville can be described in two words: long and hot. Though we had a relatively nice spring, I’m not anticipating an early fall since we are typically feeling the heat well into October. A woe I’ve been personally dealing with is finding the energy to style my hair despite the humidity and frequent summer storms, but after meeting with Kaylee Wilson of Spoke and Weal, I finally feel inspired to put a little effort into my daily do’s knowing I can finally eliminate some of that Nashville frizz.

After just a few minutes, it became very clear that the keys to a successful, frizz-free look all take place in the shower (who would have thought?). With proper hair care, the time to let your hair air-dry, and a few small accessories, you can have effortless, heat-free hair for the rest of the warmer months. Watch along below to see all of Kaylee’s tips below for the best hair day you’ll have all summer.