While countless business owners struggled to keep established companies alive during the uncertain times of the pandemic, a few young women are bravely launching new concepts in the city, including Katy Smith Shah and India Mayer with their company, Of Note. 


In January of 2020, Katy Smith Shah and India Mayer saw a gap in Nashville’s creative space and quit their jobs to pursue Of Note. As an influencer marketing agency with the hope of launching to the public in May, the tornado that devastated East Nashville in addition to COVID-19 threw the duo behind Of Note for a loop. However, in their eyes, there“was not an option to not do it” despite any doubts they encountered along the way. The past few months came with many uncertainties specific to their industry as well — beginning with the possibility of influencers ceasing to exist in the wake of COVID. As March became April and April became May, even major brands began to feel the impacts of the pandemic, and many influencers found themselves without any collaborations on the horizon. However, as specific niches found success in the space — whether it be loungewear or food delivery services — these companies continued to make use of the platforms content creators have built, and solidified the need for influencers, even during a pandemic.

This news was certainly comforting for Katy and India, as Of Note by definition is an influencer marketing agency. While this concept isn’t new, it is new to Nashville and offers something very unique. Of Note, while it provides traditional agency services, is centered around a physical location in East Nashville with a plan to expand across the country into a variety of markets. What exactly does this space entail? Katy and India have conceived and constructed (with the expertise of Katie Vance of Powell Architect + Building Studio) a creative space they’ve dubbed as a ‘Note House’ that “allows for influencers to connect with brands in seamless and meaningful ways.” While the plan is in motion to open East Nashville’s Note House this Fall, they’ve made it clear that changing their minds is always on the table and entirely depends on the state of the pandemic. Pushing forward in these unprecedented times is difficult, but when it’s a concept that is believed in as much as Of Note is for Katy and India, it is essential. Put plainly, “If we get through the pandemic and survive, we can survive anything.”

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