Since her first day upon arriving in Nashville several years ago, Ruby Stewart has been building quite the tribe, and a big part of that trusted group is female. Through her artistic and songwriting projects, she’s found some kindred spirits in other entertainers, but her circle extends to include neighbors who live on her block as well as those who’ve helped her feather her nest (and her amazing closet).  Instead of taking relationships for granted, the songstress and emerging designer has thrived on the creative influence of those she’s discovered and befriended along her Nashville journey over the last six years. Not only does she relish the time with these women, but she loves to brag about their careers and talents as often as she can. Lifting others up is something she strongly believes in, especially when it comes to fellow females. 

“Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History”Eleanor Roosevelt

 You might see her grabbing coffee with any one of her chosen collaborators at Crema or Café Roze. Or if it’s later in the day, it might be a girl’s dinner at Henrietta Red or Santo. And if it’s a really fun day, secrets may be being revealed over cocktails at Flamingo, Bastion, Dukes, or Chopper. Most likely dreams and ideas are being shared in one of their homes. And if the houses are as cozy as our cover star’s, then we can see how staying in makes for the ultimate ladies night.  

Here, she shares a few of her absolute top picks (although there are several others she loves) for businesswoman making an impact on style for both home and person in and around Nashville. 

Serenite Maison

 Alex Cirimelli’s uniquely curated oasis in Leiper’s Fork is one of my favorite stores. Here, you can find antique furnishings, sacred hearts, crystals, vintage guitars, handmade candles, and curiosities from all over the world. Just walking into Serenite Maison feels like a religious experience to me. (4149 Hillsboro Road #9520)


High-Class Hillbilly

This is where country crooner Niki Lane showcases her one-of-a-kind vintage items and collectibles from time on the road. She’s got an incredible talent for finding pieces – ranging from authentic 1930’s lace nightgowns or ‘cowboy-approved’ vintage western wear and gear. This is my top source for finding the best in well-loved Levi’s and Stetson hats. (


Arrow and Anchor

 Sold exclusively through Instagram and private connections, Brooke Baxter’s distinctive collection of vintage jewelry is a go-to. She has the most remarkable eye for finding these incredible treasures that each have a timeless, keepsake story. Watch for the launch of her online store launching this fall! (@arrowandanchorantiques)


Jessica Amerson Photography

 We originally met when Jess was assigned to shoot a video for Sisterhood in Los Angeles, where we roomed together. Since then, we have developed an incredibly strong (sister-like) bond. As a friend, she’s wonderful but as a photographer, she’s beyond! She makes me incredibly at ease in front of the camera and is a gifted coach in helping me through shots for the best results. If anyone needs photos in this city, she should be on the list. (


Relic Home

 My home is layered with floor coverings from Alyssa Spyridon’s rug business. Aside from the plush vintage and original rugs she sources from around the globe, she’s currently working on her own designs. I am personally looking forward to purchasing her Tigress rug at the first opportunity! (


Clary Collection

Jen Auerbach and Adriel Denae create soothing concoctions for body and spirit in the local market, although the brand has a global reach. Their all-natural oil blends and infusions are perfect for anyone seeking purity and nature in self-care essentials. (


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