Recently named creative director by the globally coveted Monogram by GE Appliances, Richard T. Anuszkiewicz is unlike any designer in the area when it comes to the expression of personal style through kitchen design. That’s especially true for those passionate about couture-seeking spaces that reflect their appreciation for finer things and unexpected design elements.

Just a tour through the Design Galleria showroom with Richard is an eye-opening revelation of what a dream kitchen can truly be. The award-winning visionary is new to Nashville, thanks to DG’s location inside the home resource mecca that is the Nashville Design Collective. If you haven’t been, it’s a must-stop for ideas, sources, and more wow factor than you’ll find anywhere else in this area. A tour with Richard through the Galleria’s showroom that he’s carefully designed to include full-scale replicas of various kitchen (and closet to bath) spaces ranging from traditional to ultra-modern in scale and design. His passion for detail is evident in every facet, from expansive counters and workspaces to the hidden drawer interiors painted a striking ‘Louboutin Red’, one of Richard’s signature touches giving a nod to the famed shoe designer. It’s just one of many incorporations that bring joy and high style to the rooms he envisions for his clients. The showroom houses a couple of his over-the-top installations, including a complete Hermès tribute kitchen with authentic paint, fixture and appliance elements that have been known to cause a bit of actual swooning by visiting patrons. 

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While the energetic creative has been featured in every upscale publication imaginable for his work as well as the recipient of countless honors and awards in the industry, his demeanor is approachable and welcoming. There’s no intimidation despite the overwhelming glamour he spins with his wardrobe and interior work. Clients all over the world reach out to him for truly unique takes that fit their own looks and lifestyles. He’s spent the past few years building quite a reputation in Washington, DC circles. However, while still taking on projects there, he’s shifted his home base to Nashville via Design Galleria, where there is no doubt that he will transform the way that Music City’s most discriminating residents approach their quest for stellar, specialized design.