The beautifully designed Grand Hyatt Hotel may have been designed with visitors in mind. However, the property is actually becoming quite the hotspot for locals, likely due to the range of foodie-approved haunts located inside. In keeping with luxury hotel offerings, guests can expect large-capacity meeting spaces, event hosting concierge services, oversized suites, and business travel assistance. There’s also the bonus of a well-planned spa, R + R Wellness (find details here), that draws out of towners and area residents in equal numbers. But it’s the variety and appeal of the original food and drink choices that raise the bar for serious eaters seeking the latest thing in Nashville dining. These are just a few of the highlights worth check out as you make plans to be out and about this season.

Tableside Dining 

One of the unique and original experiences in this area is chef Sean Brock’s newest endeavor with The Continental. Known for his expertise on southern fare, this change of pace where the motto is “Turning Fine Dining into Fun Dining”, does not disappoint. A dining experience that is elevated with tableside carvings of Prime Rib that extends all the way through dessert with a throw-back style ice cream cart that makes its way through the dining room. Frozen custards, milk punch, and flavors like peach and elderflower add to the excitement. If you’re thinking that you’d love to indulge in an evening at The Continental (and why wouldn’t you?) we’d recommend grabbing a reservation ASAP. Like anything that Sean Brock does, this eatery is no different in its quick level of success, and the reservation waitlist says it all.


A Business Lunch That Delivers

Forget trying to find street parking at one of the limited downtown dining venues open for lunch (the list of choices is limited, for sure). Drive right up to valet here and walk into the sunny all-day service offered at The Grange. If you’re being good, the salads won’t disappoint, and if not, the double smashed burger is over-the-top delicious. No matter what your state of mind when browsing the menu, you can’t go wrong by starting any meeting with the house-made Monkey Bread or Pimento Cheese for the table. If the subject is intense, we suggest ordering both along with one of their craft cocktails to lighten the mood.


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You Take your Brews Seriously

You don’t have to be a hotel guest to feel like you’re on vacation here. A few steps inside the lobby reveal the (literally) glittering Aurum space, an expansive bar with an adjacent lounging area filled with comfy seating and gathering tables. One of the highlights is cooling off with a locally brewed signature ale or one from their inventive selection of craft beers served perfectly chilled from late afternoon throughout the evening. Adjacent to this area is an authentically operated, barista-style Hummingbird Coffee Shop -with specialties ranging from the addictive Bourbon Vanilla Latte to an indulgent and fun Funky Mocha blend. It’s a great place to stop in before or between meetings to grab one of their signatures or a quick bite from the healthy array of sandwiches, salads, and even overnight oats from their gourmet case.

A Different Point of View

While the city has gained its share of rooftop gathering spots in recent years, the expansive outdoor space extending from the popular lou / na lounge offers a view that varies from all the rest. The mid-Broadway location allows you to see the scene from downtown’s tourist district, but at a distance that removes the noise and combustion for a more refined, relaxing happy-hour or late night unwind. A slight turn of the head reveals the always-gorgeous Union Station, which is particularly breathtaking at night. With the extensive list of handmade cocktails served on the deck, lou / na is one of the most spectacular spaces you’ll find in the area.

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